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Former midfielder of Barcelona and Manchester City Yaya Touré believes the problem with racism in football is only getting worse. – I talked to FIFA because there is something very important that needs to be treated with care,” Toure said. – I know it won’t be easy, because you can’t win this case quickly. Fans, people are more rude now than they used to be. Of course, it’s shocking, because it’s 2019. It can’t go on like this. Recall that in Italy recently insulted Mario Balotelli, the Corriere dello Sport newspaper was criticized by the headline “Black Friday” and the image of Chris Smallling and Romelu Lukaka. In the Manchester derby, a man was arrested for racist gestures and so on.

The youngest debutant of El Classico for 78 years, Barcelona forward Ansumane Fati missed the team’s training on Thursday because of a bruise he received in a match with Real (0:0). The 17-year-old spent only 8 minutes on the field in the end, but did not manage to get his feet from Dani Carvahal’s kick.

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War and peace. “Barcelona” and “Real” haven’t beaten each other for the first time in 17 years – For those who don’t love football cricket betting

The pacifying outcome of the main football war, blown down by the Catalan protests. The game could hardly have ignited any flames, but the riots around the stadium continue. If you don’t like football and prefer cricket, then choose cricket betting and benefit from the highest odds.

War and peace. “Barcelona and Real didn’t score each other for the first time in 17 years.

Camp Nou has not turned into a political arena. The teams pumped up a little, but the main result of the evening was a football match at the stadium. At Camp Nou there was a grand performance with a clear Catalan connotation, a huge banner “Spain, sit down and talk!” was hung. (although they were seized), and in the second half of the field threw balls (reference to the police rubber balls). It could have been worse. Alas, outside the stadium everything is not as peaceful as inside the bowl: clashes continued both during the game and after its end. In the 2019/20 season, the goalkeeper played 19 games, conceding 22 goals. 

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Ozil against China, monkeys against racism, Ukraine for Zozulu. There are ethnic scandals in football, so watch tennis live online free
Italy is once again touching the feelings of black players, Arsenal’s midfielder reproaches a foreign state for repression – drags his club into a scandal, while the offended Zozulu is supported even by the Ukrainian president. While there are so many scandals in the world of football, watch tennis live online free. 

And again, Italy…

Racism is an eternal theme, accompanying Italian football. You may not believe the complaints of crazy Balotelli, but the cover of the Corriere dello Sport with the inscription “Black Friday” is more than enough. That’s how the journalists prepared the central meeting of the 14th round of Series A between Inter and Roma.

Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport’s headline is ‘Black Friday’, as Romelu Lukaku will play against Chris Smalling this Friday in Serie A. This is not normal.

On the cover are black forward of Inter Romel Lukaku and Roma defender Chris Smallling. Even the representatives of other leagues were shocked. Not everyone wants to get involved in so many scandals, so watch tennis live online free and enjoy live betting from #1 betting provider.