Microsoft has confirmed that Kinect is not dead. After the camera including motion control from the bundle flew with the Xbox One, to reduce the price, it had become very quiet around the accessory. However, Microsoft insists.

Be the Kinect not an integral part of the Xbox One’s more, it is around the camera and motion controller has become very quiet. Microsoft has released the Project but not abandoned. Kinect is also an important accessory in the Xbox One Universe Microsoft is working according to Phil Spencer continues on expanding the functionality and to make Kinect a valuable part of the ecosystem.

Kinect was originally sold with the Xbox One and cost in the package 500 euros. But quickly became apparent that Microsoft gets 4 problems with this combination against the Playstation. The cost 100 Euro less and was on top of that with a faster GPU. You had to act in order to compete against Sony can and priced so flew Kinect from the package and the price dropped to 400 euros. Spencer points out that pricing policies alone it was crucial that Kinect is not necessarily sold with the Xbox One.

Last Christmas season we have seen that a lot can be controlled via the price. When the Xbox One was the offer price of 350 US dollars on the shelves, the sales were for Christmas dazzling. Spencer says that he wants to leave it to the customer how much he appreciates Kinect. He also wants the potential customers have the choice if they want to purchase additional Kinect for financial reasons until later.

However, there are not many reasons to buy Kinect. The support of games is quite manageable. Third Party have the issue largely been buried and also at Microsoft even offering is currently rather scarce. However one wants to announce at E3 new Kinect titles. Here, Spencer is also clear about it, that is not very important in Halo or Call of Duty Kinect. “But there are genres in which Kinect works very well,” said Microsoft’s man for playing.