Today, we use technology for right from hotel room bookings to ordering foods, and now even financial markets. Owing to limited resources both in terms of technology and space, using a computer can be very difficult in order to trade, so stock market apps have got a lot of success.

Here are two key features that a typical Financial market mobile app has

  • Free access to live stock prices, research on top companies and buy/sell tips.
  • Ability to track equity, commodity, currency, F&O from NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX on the go.

These two pretty much account for everything that an investor would need. Some broker inclined apps like IIFL Markets;Sharekhan even allows users to trade on the go. Which gives them a little advantage over their global peers like Moneycontrol?

IIFL app in particular even allows free access to reports published by IIFL’s award-winning research team. That saves a lot of time and effort on a user’s part to track details pertaining to their favorite scripts.

These features account for just about everything that an investor needs in order to trade. Besides, optimum use of the interface and a sleek design adds to the advantage.

For investors in India, using computers is a big challenge, so being able to access everything on their smartphones comes up as a big asset.

One of the key challenges that Indian app makers face is the performance in 2G. Leading stock market apps make sure that they put a lot of R&D and devise a good platform which intelligently optimizes the use of bandwidth. It is one field where their global counterparts lag as most of them don’t keep these implicit challenges into mind.

Automation: At the heart of technology

Using an app effectively cuts down the amount of human involvement in trading. Earlier during a busy day, a typical broker would receive about 100 calls in a day, and even a single mistake in terms of rate or the number could wreak havoc. It would translate into lawsuits and sometimes companies going out of business. That’s now a thing of past as the mobile app owners can control just about everything through the apps.  The margin of error is quite low.

Based on all these factors, Mobile apps are indispensable. It has an edge over many other mediums for tracking stock market that dives into considerable field – but with sheer precision and various other factors.

IIFL Markets has taken things by storm by helping users and experts to achieve their financial goals. IIFL Market app is available for free on both on Android and Apple platforms. Moreover, even if you do not have a trading account with India Infoline, you can still use the app for free.

India Infoline has lived up to its reputation and has provided a good platform to its users for trading.

India is now looking to get into a new arena of infinite possibilities, and there is no reason why you, the investor, should shy away from it.