Bitcoin trading is one of the most profitable ways to make more cash in 2021, unless you know the basic nitty-gritty associated with it.

The profit making scopes with bitcoin was not that easy back in 2009 when it first came to existence. But, slowly with the passage of time, digital currency earned maturity and it has become one of the best money making opportunities for many people. On the top, the crypto experts are coming up with neo analysis to make money with bitcoins.

In 2021, BTC trading can be one of the easiest ways for earning profit, only if you can implement some of these smart cash making strategies successfully, they’re:

Bitcoin Mining

Crypto mining is one of the easiest ways to earn bitcoin, however there’s a ‘but factor’ in it. In this process, the miners use a powerful computer for mining the cryptos. Usually, it’s a complex procedure where a trader has to use complex mathematical problems. By solving those tricky mathematical algorithms you must crack the code. On cracking the code you end up mining bitcoins.  You can either use the bitcoins in the crypto exchange market for converting those into dollar or retain the coins in BTC wallet and wait for the right time. When the price of the bitcoins rise, you can sell them and earn bulk dollars in a single blow!

The tricky part is, there are millions of miners in the race, so whoever finishes the problem first wins the newly-minted B$ ultimately. If you’re headstrong to win the newly minted BTC’s then you must be good with solving complex arithmetical algorithms at first.

After all, you don’t want someone else to take the reward just like that, do you?

Buying and holding the bitcoins

Buying the bitcoins is quite a profitable one for now. Before investing on a bitcoin, you must know how to invest in bitcoins to make money?

Holding bitcoins are one of the most popular crypto trading strategies that beginners always use. In this process, a holder of bitcoins buy the cryptocurrencies and waits for the right time when the price spikes. Frankly, it’s a bit unpredictable to say when the price of the bitcoins will rise, as it depends upon the BTC flow in the crypto market.

You never know when the price spikes again. Till then, you can hold those cryptos in your hot/cold wallet. You might have to wait for weeks, months or might be years too! That’s why, this process is known as holding BTC’s. However, if you want to know more about the bitcoin trading strategy linked with holding and retaining the cryptos, you may open bitcoin champion account to know about it in detail.


BTC trading is the opposite of crypto holding. While retaining the bitcoins is a long term investment, bitcoin trading insures you to meet your quick short goals. But, bitcoin trading is no turkey shooting!

Before you invest a single satoshi, you better take a look around. Think for a while whether to give it a shot or not:

Few ways of trading BTC’s:

  • Day trading- In this process of bitcoin trading, you have to be smart, as you’ve to do short and quick trades. In a day trade, you must gain your accumulated profit by the end of day. To be on the safe side, the day traders always look for small opportunities and short profit. Before doing so, it’s important to analyse the market and calculate which the sure shot opportunities are and the ones which are not so predictable. Segregate those before making your call and you’re winning cash at the end of the day.
  • Swing trading- While holding and selling the bitcoins are a long term trade investment, day trading a short term investment strategy, the swing trading is categorized somewhere intermediate in between these two.  Here, as a trader you need to buy relatively low amount of BTC’s and wait to see when the price of the cryptos you’re holding spikes up. When the price spikes up, you may sell them at a good value.
  • Arbitrage- It’s more for a trade where as a trader you don’t have to wait for the cash making opportunities in the crypto exchange market. Rather you usually look for multiple trade exchange platforms to sell the bitcoins in a different exchange platform after buying it from another one to get a higher profit.

If you’re looking ahead to make cash after investing in bitcoin trade, these are a few profit making hacks that you must not overlook at all.