With the pandemic resulting in social distancing and the cost of the traditional weddings getting more and more expensive, people are searching for alternatives like getting married at the local Court. However, this provides complications that make the wedding day less special. Then for fun, you may prefer some of the traditions of a wedding, so it is time to turn towards micro wedding Myrtle Beach. The perfect choice is Myrtle Beach simple wedding day.

What Is A Micro Wedding? 

Micro reading is not the same as elopement which is a spontaneous wedding that involves very few guests. A micro wedding makes use of all the elements of a regular wedding but on a small scale. This wedding style is small, having nearly 20 – 50 guests. The guests include close friends and relatives instead of distant relatives and people you have not spoken to or seen in years. Still, you get to enjoy the beautiful wedding ceremonies in a much-relaxed environment and for a small duration. 

Why Are They Popular? 

While the micro wedding is being planned in Myrtle Beach for years, the pandemic has made them more popular. Because few people are allowed due to social distancing restrictions, there is an absolute no for large-scale weddings. This means that a micro wedding is the best way to celebrate the union between the two partners. These ceremonies have gained popularity over the years as they need less work and are very affordable. As the guest list shrinks there are few people and options to accommodate. There are a number of options in front of you related to the space you will get married in. There is no restriction to the venues of the wedding, but rather cafes and galleries, bars and more can be used. 

A micro wedding provides more inclusion and control than a court wedding. It is a memorable celebration and moment to share with your partner’s nearest and dearest. 

Planning A Micro Wedding 

When you are planning the micro wedding, be sure that your checklist has the following –

1. Search for the right venue.

2.Hire a photographer.

3.Dress up nicely

4.Select your favorite foods and treats for the reception.

5.Find out what you require to get your marriage certificate.

6.Let it be personal among those you love.

7.Hire a wedding planner to make the wedding ideal. 

Is The Micro Wedding Ideal For You? 

When thinking if a micro wedding is ideal for you, there are certain things to remember. You have to consider how many relatives and friends you like to invite and whether you are easy with that number of people. Also are the top three locations selected by you possible with the number of guests you are planning to invite? You also have to look at your budget and how many guests you can afford to accommodate. 


Myrtle Beach provides a number of locations much more than just the beautiful beaches. It is an ideal location for the micro wedding. While the wedding in Myrtle Beach still requires some planning yet they can be organized beautifully. From the beautiful beaches to parks and gardens as a venue for the wedding, you get the perfect location for your dream wedding. So due to the pandemic, if your wedding was postponed or you prefer an intimate wedding with only close friends and relatives, a micro wedding in Myrtle Beach is a perfect choice.