There are many ways to get rid of waste. Trailer bins are one option and mini skips Adelaide is another. There are a number of categories of the types of waste you need to dispose of, that you must separate properly before keeping it out where the disposal truck of BestPriceSkipBins Australia may carry it away. This makes their work easy. So there are categories like plastics, biodegradables, hazardous wastes, building or construction materials, or fluids. 

When you have more than the daily waste to get rid of, putting it together somewhere can become problematic. This could be on days that you are moving into a new home when you suddenly realize that you don’t require all the old furniture and so on. Or it may be during a  spring cleaning when there is always more than you realized you had or wanted. If you have a new job or a new person in your life, it is time to make more space. Sometimes you have a new idea for yourself and require a new environment and new possessions to make it happen. 

Important Points To Keep In Mind

You may get a rent-a-trailer, but these are charged on an hourly basis. Instead, hiring a mini skip is more sensible. Mini skips are jumbo-sized skip bags that may be unfolded and used for packing and loading away a large bulk of garbage. Nearly 1.5 tons of garbage can be loaded into the mini skip bags. They are convenient and easy to use. They can be unfolded when you require them, so do not work on the rent by hourly rates. This simply gets picked up and dropped off by the company that you have hired them from.

  • They may remove up to 3 square meters of rubbish. They are environmentally friendly and recycle all the waste that is collected. 
  • Hazardous rubbish cannot be put in mini skips. It includes monitors, fridges, TV, solvents, Paints, asbestos, or any liquids. To dispose of such materials you need to contact your local council. 
  • They will provide a contact who can dispose of anything big, hazardous, or not accepted in the skip bin. In certain areas, disposal of mattresses and tyres in the skip bin may cause additional charges. Your supplier will be able to advise you of such charges.
  • Skip bins should not be filled any higher than the top of their sides and must be filled in a manner to avoid spillage of material either while moving, stationary, or in transit. If unforeseen situations mean that you have not finished with the skip bin, you must inform the supplier as soon as possible.


There are different types of garbage removal bins, such as standard, Mini, and midi sizes. You should be sure that the size you select fits on your driveway, the street outside your home, or wherever you want the Mini skips to be placed. You require a skip permit to put a mini skip on the road, double-check that the skip hire company covers this.