Floor-mounted Rails aren’t just for show (though they are), they’re also incredibly useful in extending the life of your expensive fixtures and fittings. It’s not about a few little hiccups; it’s about safeguarding your investments over and over. A stray pallet jack or surface polisher can be quickly deflected, saving you thousands of dollars in possible damage. Whichever bump rails or floor bumper you select, the installation will be simple like that at Rootex Australia. There will be no costly contractor expenses because there will be no concrete-mounted fixtures.

What is the benefit of stainless steel? It appears fantastic while not compromising on strength. Your fixtures, glass cases, and walls will be secured in style with this sleek and clean design. Stainless steel’s durability and weather resistance make it a good choice for the outdoors.

Supermarkets, retail establishments, and store back rooms all use SSB and CB ground bumpers. In warehouses, the CB is frequently used to shield walls and machinery against damage caused by pallet placement and extraction. These floor rails keep refrigeration cases safe from shopping carts and other product processing devices

Two Models To Choose From

  1. SSB
  2. CB

SSB:- The SSB removable floor bump rail guards against impact damage to walls, refrigerator units, and other fixtures. The SSB is available in easy-to-install portions that can be linked together to form seamless lines along walls or refrigerated aisles.

Because of the SSB’s compact setup footprint, it may be positioned close to fixtures, reducing trip dangers.  The SSB’s stems fit into recessed floor sockets (seen below), allowing the bumper to be dismantled for cleaning purposes.

The SSB cart bumper can be used to protect corners, walls, and cases. It can also be utilized to shield the windows of a storefront.

The SSB comes in satin stainless steel.

CB:- CB’s anchoring feet are constructed of a specifically developed spring steel that flexes to absorb the force of impact and provides significant safety in high-impact applications. The CB could be utilized in warehouses and storage spaces to shield walls and machinery from harm during pallet installation and extraction, in addition to storefronts and backrooms.

Single parts of the CB can be put separately, or single parts can be connected together to form long lines along with cases or walls.

In cart corrals, the CB is frequently utilized as a cart halt. Walls and windows can also be protected with the CB floor-mounted bumper.

The CB is available in two finishes: chrome (for indoor usage) and galvanized (for outdoor usage) (for indoor or outdoor use).

Maintain The Appearance Of Your Store’s Interiors While Protecting Your Valued Goods

Product Benefits:

●      Walls, cases, and fittings are all protected.

●      Allows shopping carts to come to a halt in cart storage facilities.

●      Longcase lengths or seamless runs along walls

●      Maintains the appearance of the store’s sections by preventing them from looking worn and antiquated.

Conclusion:- Bumper rails put on the floor are a low-cost, high-effective way to protect cases, walls, and other fixtures. Shopping carts, stocking equipment, and floor cleaners all have the potential to harm pricey fixtures while also making store interiors appear old and antiquated. Installing protective equipment reduces maintenance and repair expenses while also maintaining the appearance of establishments.