Since the emergence of the first website in the early 90s, designers have been coming up with different ways of improving how it looks. Initially, websites were nothing other than bold headings and paragraphs, with few images. Thanks to technology, the industry has grown, with developments like table-based designs, Flash-based, and CSS-based designs. Today, you will come across sites with unique designs such as AI or Bots, Javascript, Progressive web app, single page application on the internet. The websites have high-quality images, animations, and themes that make them very attractive. In this article, we have shared the best websites that are designed with themes like popular cities, towns, and other iconic places in the world.

Mid Town Dental Care

This is a beautiful dental website designed by Optimized360. The developers have used a fantastic animated background of New York City. It depicts the timeline of the city from morning till nightfall. Mid Town Dental Care has offices located in the heart of Times Square and employs new modern technology such as x-rays and laser. You will find all the dental services you need on this website, including periodontics, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

Suburban Garbage Services

The homepage of Suburban Garbage Services website is designed with an image of a beautiful town with a conducive environment. This company provides garbage services for residential, commercial, medical waste as well as junk removal. Visit their site to see if they are available in your location.

Visit Seattle

Visit Seattle is a private, nonprofit marketing organization that provides destination marketing organization (DMO) for the region. This website is built with the high definitive images of the urban city and other popular places you can visit like Capitol Hill and the Pioneer Square. The homepage also offers things to do, food & drink as well as book lodging services.


bCasino is an online uk gambling website which is owned and operated by Green Feather Online Limited which is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The homepage is designed with some of the most popular places in London such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, as well as the Eiffel Tower of Paris France. Visit bCasino to enjoy an extensive collection of fair online games, including blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, slots, and live dealer. You will be rewarded a generous welcome bonus up to $1200 plus free spins after joining and depositing a minimum of $20.


Charleston is a fantastic website designed to provide visitors with everything they expect to find Charleston. The site was designed by the Chart Group and features a tour video of the best hotels and restaurants, local businesses and attraction sites in the area. It is fully optimized for all mobile and desktop browsers. 

Bracknell Town Council

Bracknell Town Council is a great website which is designed for maintaining the majority of the recreation areas and playing facilities. The site is designed with an appealing theme of different play centers like the Great Hollands Recreation Ground and the Bracknell Tennis Park. Also, these visitors are allowed to see the events, facilities, services, and news.

Stay In Washington is a well-designed website providing visitors with tour guides to Washington State. It has an eye-catching theme featuring a slide show of different tour sites such as the Volcanoes of Mount Helen, The Islands, North Central, South East The Green Golden Hills, Metro Seattle, The Gorge on Columbia River, Peninsulas and Coast, and much more. 

Washington State Wine

The official website of Washington State Wine is has a beautiful animated theme showing the process of producing wine. The auto tour video is made with high-quality images of a vast plantation of grapes, the farmers and the factory. It plays smoothly across all devices, including desktop, smartphone, and tablets.


The official website of PetroTal is simple and with an appealing theme. The background of the homepage is designed with a seamless tour video of the activities in the power plant and the surrounding area. This website was designed by Enercom, Inc and can be accessed through mobile and desktop browsers.

Bottom Line

Themes have a vital role on every website. They tell what the site is about in summary. Unlike the first websites that hardly featured images, modern themes have multiple columns, videos, images, and animations. This helps not only to attract visitors but also to enhance the user experience.