Florence is not just another Italian city. It can be called Italy itself. The city harmoniously combines the grandeur of Rome, the romance of Venice, the power of Vatican, the peace and tranquility of Verona.

Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, Florence captivates the visitors with its sheer beauty and magnificent architecture.

This article will help you decide which time is the best for visiting Florence, depending on the goals of the trip and your interests.

Tourist season in Florence

Florence can offer enjoyment to the tourists of completely different categories. The former epicenter of the Italian Renaissance has inherited hundreds of museums, art galleries and many palaces in the Renaissance style.

The guests can enjoy excellent Tuscan dishes and wines in local cafes and restaurants. Besides, in Florence you can admire stunning views of the green hills and majestic mountains, grand fields of sunflowers and bright blue sky.

All these pleasures are waiting for you in Florence from February till the end of October.

High tourist season in Florence

The biggest amount of tourists comes to Florence during the summer months, when the weather is hot and humid, and the queues to the museums’ ticket offices reach several tens of meters.


The prices for the hotels in Florence are as high as in Rome and Milan, and in July and August these prices significantly increase.

Despite the fact that in summer Florence is mostly inhabited by tourists, many shops and restaurants are closed. In general, you’d better think twice before leaving to Florence during the peak season.

Low tourist season in Florence

The majority of tourists go to Florence in order to explore the sights and learn something interesting from the city’s history. And since the museums and art galleries can be visited any time regardless of the season, the tourists come to Florence almost all year round. But generally the low season in Florence includes only three months: November, December and January.

Sale season in Florence

Of course, Florence cannot be compared with Milan in terms of shopping. But anyway you can shop for very nice fashion pieces there, like a designer coat or fine leather accessories. It is a notable fact that local shops offer 30% – 70% discounts throughout the year. However, there are two major sales seasons in Florence. Summer sale season lasts from July till the end of August, and winter’s sale season lasts from January till early March.


Spring in Florence

It is a great time when spring comes to Florence. The city becomes especially beautiful during this season, since we are talking about the Tuscan region. In spring the flowers start blooming and numerous city parks stay in lush greenery.

The city’s inhabitants start enjoying the warm rays of the sun. In March it is still quite cold outside; an average day temperature ranges between 11 and 16 degrees. But in April and May you can enjoy much warmer days with the temperature of up to 23 degrees.

Summer in Florence

Summer is not very favorable time to visit Florence. In July and August the temperature increases considerably in the city, and the locals try to leave it during these months. But usually even the heat doesn’t prevent most tourists from visiting Florence.

So, if you still consider summer a good time for touring the city and plan to stay there over one week, most likely you will begin to suffer not only from the high temperatures, but also from the buzz of tourists. In this case, you’d better rent a cheap car and go to the Tuscan countryside to admire its vineyards and picturesque sloping hills.

Autumn in Florence

In autumn Florence reaches a perfect balance between the inflow of visitors and weather conditions. Therefore, this time of the year is a very favorable time for visiting the city.

The weather conditions in September are very similar to June. The usual life rhythm returns to Florence in October. This time provides excellent conditions to discover the genuine Florence, which is devoid of vanity and artificial embellishment. All the more, the weather contributes a lot to that.

In November the precipitation level reaches the peak. The showers stay in the city nearly for two weeks. So, if you go to Florence at that time, make sure you put an umbrella in your baggage.

The city life during these months becomes more vivid owing to the holidays that are celebrated in autumn. By the way, November in Tuscany is the peak season of truffles. So, many restaurants prepare special dishes for their guests.

Winter in Florence

In winter Florence is as beautiful and romantic as in the early spring. For many tourists winter in Florence is even more attractive time of year than the other seasons, since the city is less crowded. So, in winter there will be no queues to the Uffizi Gallery, no crowds at the Giotto’s bell tower, and no fuss on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.


Another advantage of going to Florence in winter is that there are comfortable weather conditions for sightseeing, unlike summer when the city streets devoid of greenery and most of them are so narrow that staying in Florence in summer becomes completely unbearable.

So, now you are acquainted with seasonal peculiarities of spending holidays in Florence. Hopefully, this article will assist you greatly when choosing a suitable time for your trip. But no matter what time for visiting Florence you prefer, may your holidays be full of fun and enjoyment!