If you own a vacation rental that would be great for couples on their honeymoons, then you should begin to advertise it this way. Couples will pay a good deal of money for the perfect honeymoon suite and sometimes allowing them to have their very own place is more appealing than staying in a hotel. If you want to use your vacation rental to target honeymoon couples, here are a few tricks to get customers and ensure they have an amazing stay.

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Go Above and Beyond

Having an amazing property means you will attract newlyweds. This Angsana apartment Phuket would be a great investment and is the ideal location for a honeymoon. These beachfront apartments have their very own private pool and deck area, meaning couples can relax in their very own space.

A newly married couple will expect a lot from a rental property, so you need to go above and beyond for them whilst they are staying. This includes decorating the apartment and displaying flowers, champagne, and even a personalized sign with the new couples’ names. You could also plan an itinerary for the couples including bars, restaurants, and other places to visit that are perfect for couples. The more you do for this couple and the happier and more relaxed you make their trip, the better the review you will get, and the more couples are willing to pay. As you are a private rental, you can give couples a much more personalized experience than if they chose to stay in a hotel filled with guests, so make it count.


The best way to get your place noticed is to advertise. This includes using pictures of your vacation home ready for a newlywed’s arrival. Using the tips above will mean you have an amazing honeymoon suite for any new couple. When you are advertising, make sure you specify that the vacation home is ideal for couples and honeymooners, as newly married couples will be less likely to want to stay somewhere that is family oriented. Social media is a free tool which can allow you to post amazing pictures of your property and using the correct hashtags may get the right people interested.

Get Feedback

Gaining great feedback that you can display on your website and social media accounts is one of the best ways to gain more custom and interests. Anybody can post a few pictures, but guests rely on positive feedback from other people a lot before making a decision. Choosing a place to stay on your honeymoon is a big decision and being able to see amazing feedback from previous guests could make the difference between someone choosing your property or not. You could also ask your guests to tag you in any photos they use on their social media accounts too, meaning your space will be viewed by even more people.

A honeymoon is the time where couples have some of their happiest moments and enjoy their newly married life together, therefore ensuring your property is just perfect for them will get you noticed.