Located between Tuscany, Le Marche, and Lazio, Umbria is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. In fact, it is widely known as the “Green Heart of Italy” due to its dense forests and medieval hill towns.

In Umbria, you have plenty to do — this includes indulging in the local cuisine and wines. Hilltop Perugia, is the capital of the region, and home to The Galleria Art Museum. It goes without saying you will find plenty of historic sites, as well as medieval hill towns that will leave you speechless. Let’s not forget about the multiple nature parks and vast lakes which make up some of the biggest in Italy. If it’s your first time visiting, read up on the top five places to visit in Umbria during your vacation.


If you know of San Francisco or Saint Francis, you will know that Assisi houses the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, wherein Saint Francis of Assisi is buried.

Assisi is a popular destination and pilgrimage for the religious, and on top of it’s main attractions the city has a collection of other historic sites and churches, including Eremo delle Carceri, Chiesa di San Damiano, Basilica di Santa Chiara and Tempio di Minerva.


Imagine sitting on the top of colossal tufa cliffs. From the hilltop town of Orvieto in Italy, you are guaranteed an impressive sight of Umbria. This town has been inhabited since the Etruscan era, and the monuments, museums as well as artistic centers will reveal the millennia of history.Despite being a charming town, Orvieto has a collection of beautiful cathedrals with mosaic facades and some of Italy’s most unique medieval monuments in history.

Orvieto is easily accessible, especially by train or car. It’s a great base from which to start your exploration of Southern Umbria and Tuscany. Keep an eye out for Etruscan tombs and Sagrantino vineyards.


Of course, it will not make enough sense if you visit Umbria and not attend to anything in Perugia, the region’s capital city. This lively hilltown is filled with medieval and artistic roots, bound to keep you entertained.

Aside from all the fascinating art and architecture that Perugia offers, the town has one of the most sophisticated public transport systems in Italy. This will come handy when exploring the hilltown and nearby attractions. At the same time, Perugia offers lots of Italian language education, and you should always make an effort to partake in the Jazz and chocolate festivals. If you are a chocolate lover, make sure to visit the Perugia Etruscan Chocohotel, where you will find restaurants with an exclusive chocolate menu.


When it comes to visiting medieval towns in Umbria, you most often find yourself besotted by the array of hilltowns. Spoleto is another medieval hilltop,  located in Southern Umbria. The city has many medieval Roman, and Etruscan historical sites.

Make sure to have your camera on standby as Spoleto promises stunning attractions such as the Ponte delle Torri. The ancient Langobard church of San Salvatore is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is the space in which the festival Dei Due Mondi or the Two Worlds Festival is held from June to July every year.


Among the many reasons you will find Umbria exciting, Todi is one. The picturesque hilltop town shares wonderful views of the countryside. The town is small which means historic sites are all within reach of one another. It goes without saying,  the peaceful country and ambiance, create everlasting and beautiful memories.

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