In this male-dominated sport, such as video-gaming, you can still find quite successful female gamers, who play full time and their main source of income is dependent on eSports. Unfortunately, just like any other male-dominated segment, the eSports community is not exceptional – gamer girls face lots of gender-based stereotypes and have to work extra hard to prove they are worth watching. However, the reality is changing gradually, thanks to the female gamers in this industry.  In this article, we will introduce you to the female representatives of eSports and will give you some tips on how to fully transfer into a successful full-time gamer.

The rise of Gamer girls on Youtube and the importance of female players

Youtube is one of the most popular streaming channels for gamers. While it is still dominated by male players, female gamers are rapidly gaining their place in this industry. Article by The Washington Post suggests that currently, more than 48% of females are part of the total gaming community while this number in 2010 was 40%; Moreover, Google Survey suggests that in every 2,000 people who watch youtube games 30% are female viewers.  Ignoring almost half of the gaming population is not the right step for anyone working in the gaming industry. Last year’s statistics show us that Gaming space is slowly transforming into a more gender equal space and more accepting for gamer girls.

Increase the visibility of your Youtube videos

Statistics show us that even in this male-dominated industry, there is room for everyone willing to stream their games. However, the beginning of your gaming career can be challenging, especially if you are struggling with the low engagement rate on your videos. Don’t give up, instead, try every possible way to increase views on your channel: purchase youtube views, promote your youtube channel on your platforms, do collaborations with other gamers, attend Youtube gaming community meet-ups. All these will help you to increase the visibility of your Youtube videos.

Top 10 Female Gamers on Youtube:

For additional motivation, we have collected the top 10 female Gamers, who started just like you- with nothing, and now they are superstars of the Youtube gaming space.

  1. iHasCupquake
    Tiffany Garcia with the nickname – iHasCupquake started her youtube gaming youtube channel back in 2010 and now her channel collects more than 6.9 subscribers.  Tiffany started her career uploading videos of her playing League of Legends and World of Warcraft, however, her popularity came by Minecraft.
  2. SSSniperWolf
    Lia is a superstar of Youtube gaming currently with more than 24.3 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. She entered this community in 2013. Lia mainly plays Call of Duty, along with Overwatch, Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto.
  3. LDShadowLady
    Lizzy, a British gamer, started her channel for a different reason – she wanted to improve her gaming skills for Call of Duty. From her first 12 seconds Youtube video, she ended up with more than 5 million subscribers on her Youtube channel.
    Popular as Dodger among the gamers community, she attracted her viewers with her funny personality and with her engaging vlogs.
    OMG Its FireFoxx is a Canadian gamer, mainly popular with her videos playing Minecraft, The Sims 4, Grand Theft Auto, and Counter strike, but her subscribers enjoy her vlog-type Youtube content as well
  6. YAMMY
    On her channel you will mostly find Minecraft-themed videos, however, she also plays other games like The Sims or Call of Duty.
  7. Sqaishey Quack
    Bethany Bates is a  Minecraft player who creates Lets Play videos. Her channel has more than a million subscribers, while her videos attract thousands of views every day.
  8. FANGS
    This Youtube channel is owned by the queen of FIFA with almost 1.5 million subscribers. Her personality and gaming style attracts a lot of viewers.
    THERPGMINX is another female gamer who became popular with her commentary videos during horror games such as  Five Nights at Freddy’s.
  10. Lomadiah
    With over a million subscribers, YOGSCAST plays different games and she also does commentaries on various famous games like Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Starting a gaming channel in the community known as a “boys’ club” can be difficult. However, take the example of these brilliant female Youtubers and stay inspired. Everything is possible with your dedication and hard work, just stay focused and success will find the way to you.