Fence graphics are becoming popular day by day. Most business facilities and even some homeowners have embraced designing their fences with interesting pictures. It can be quite challenging to get the perfect graphic design that best suits an establishment.

It is important for business facilities like schools, hotels, construction companies, and hospitals to have well-designed fences with their names on them. Graphics are not only for aesthetic purposes; it markets the business too.

Sometimes customers or client’s troop in because of what caught their eyes. Put up attractive fence graphics that blend in well with the surrounding. Let us discuss some tips one should know when putting up fence graphics.

  1. Size and Shape

The first consideration is the size and shape of the fence decals or signs. Whether you opt for something permanent or temporary, its size and shape will matter. You do not want to have insanely enormous signage on your fence or tiny ones that someone can hardly recognize.

You do not want your establishment looking ridiculous because of the graphics on the fence. As much as you can exercise flexibility with size, keep in mind how passersby and the general public will react to it.

A standard size and shape can make a beautiful sign. Do not go with the basic shape design that everyone goes for; instead, opt for something unique yet simple. Contact a graphic designer with a library of shapes and sizes that you can select from. A diverse and professional designer will help you pick the best.

  • Logo Placement

Nearly every business has a logo that brands it unique from other companies. You can identify with a company or an establishment by simply looking at the logo. The size and shape of the branding determine the logo placement.

If the size of the decals and letters is too big on a small plate, then you might miss a spot to place the logo. The logo has to be placed and strategically centered so that it mirrors the goals of the company. You also have to consider the design of your logo. How is it? Is it flat, straight, or curved?

The design also plays a role in determining its placement. Ensure there is enough space left for the logo to stand out visibly. The logo, graphics, and texts should all immaculately synchronize on the nameplate as they promote and market the business. They also communicate with customers in a way. Attractive signs can lure a customer into your establishment. Read more here https://www.ccr-mag.com/temporary-fence-banners-benefits-on-a-construction-site/

  • Color

Color is also a key factor when it comes to fence graphics. Do not be too afraid to go beyond with colors. Black and white are the most commonly regularly used colors. They are, however, quite dull. Brighter colors mirror boldness. They are also eye-catching and create beautiful contrasts.

There is a wide range of colors that you can use for your nameplates and graphics. It is recommendable to have contrasting colors so that what you have on the nameplate is not the same color used to write texts and decals.

A colorful nameplate adds an edge to an average-looking fence. Color might just be what you need as a finishing part of your fence. You can catch someone’s attention by simply having a brightly colored nameplate. Once attracted by that, they gear their attention to the logo and message on the nameplate.

  • Material of the Nameplate

When choosing the material of your metals, opt for quality. A nameplate should be durable and be able to withstand all weather conditions. A cheap metal corrodes and fades out when it gets rained on. A wooden nameplate is likely to rot away or be eaten by termites. Quality saves you from extra costs of repair and replacements.

Quality material always stands out and draws attention. The durability of your company’s nameplate speaks volumes of your business’s products. Appearance spikes curiosity and interest. Lure in your next customer by having the best of the best. You can follow these tips to add class and longevity to your nameplate.

  • Emboss graphics and texts on the nameplate since they can withstand different weather conditions.
  • Add background finishing on the nameplate. For example, you can use gloss on the surface of the plate to make it shiny.
  • Emboss borders to create a focal point of the nameplate. It can also serve as a decoration. Click here to read more insights.


You should consider the tips discussed above if you want to have a good-looking nameplate that is eye-catching. Businesses that are yet to embrace fence graphics should do so as they are a subtle way of marketing and advertising.

Invest in a good graphic designer who will make a beautiful nameplate with the logo, graphics, and everything else to mirror your goals and vision and attract necessary attention.