If you are considering a flat for rent in Patna, There are a few important things that a person should keep in mind so that they can make sure that they are taking the right step forward. Patna is seeing a rise in the number of apartment projects. There are a lot of builders that are coming into the city with various projects keeping in mind the future prospects of development in the city. Before finalizing the rental agreement of the flat consider the following points.

Condition Check

Before the process of signing a rental agreement, make sure that you will make a demand to see the exact building and flat in which you are going to move in. Sometimes on certain instances the owner shows you another flat stating that it is the exact replica of the one that you are going to live in. Make sure that you be adamant on seeing the original flat in which you are supposed to live before signing the agreement and making the payment. Take your own sweet time to go around the flat and inspect and explore every nook and corner and check if the lights and switches are working fine. Even check the locks of the doors and check the windows.

Renting a Flat or Apartments


If you are someone who prefers quietness and calm atmosphere, then enquire with your potential neighbors or the security guards in the building what time of the day noise levels are highest in the flat. There a lot of instances when people think that the flat and its premises are quite by the looks of it, then later on realize that it is noisy when on weekends and evenings everyday they hear noises created by the children while playing.


When choosing a flat or apartments make sure that you have your own designated space for the parking. Make sure that you understand the parking rules of the building beforehand. Make sure that there is always room to park your car. If you are going to have guests at regular interval of time then make sure that temporary parking spaces are available around the building.

Basic Facilities

Before making an investment in a property or renting one make sure to research well on the neighborhood you are choosing to stay. Get to know areas where there is ample scope for shopping, to buy groceries, access to hospitals, shopping malls, railways and most importantly your work place. If you are moving in with family then make sure that the flat is closer to schools. After taking all this aspects into consideration decide on which area in Patna you want the flat to be located.

Renting a Flat or Apartment


Enquire how the repairs and maintenance in the flat is done. Is there any crew present in the flat or should you hire from out. Also make sure to find out whether the payments for repairs are made after the work is done or beforehand along with maintenance charges. What sor of complaint you should make in case of repair? , written or verbal. This will give you an idea how effectively things fuction in the flat.

Monthly charges

Most of the times when you rent an apartment or a flat, along with the rent you need to pay a monthly bill of maintenance. The other utility bills might also be paid by you in certain instances. Form a correct idea on the number of utility bills you need to pay and also ask the exact monthly fees for the maintenance and make sure that you can afford them before signing the rental agreement.