Japan has been well known all around the globe for being one of the most interesting countries in the world. Japan has a very fascinating mix of modern western traditions intertwined with a deep rooted oriental sensibility. The country has been known by many of the tourists that visit there to be a truly one of a kind place to visit. If you’re interested in learning more about visiting an amazing country such as Japan, read on for the top tips you need to know when planning a vacation to Japan.

One of the top tips when it comes to planning a vacation to Japan is to really create a detailed schedule of what you want to do. If you decide to go to Japan with no clear schedule set in mind, you might end up not doing as much as you hoped to do. This is because Japan is full of many different attractions which can be distracting if you’re looking to do a set of specific things while on vacation in Japan. Japan is certainly known for it’s extremely large range of entertainment options, so without a proper plan, you might feel a bit indecisive with all the choice available to you.

Another great tip to understand before planning your trip to Japan is the mannerisms of Japanese people. When you walk into a store in Japan you will be kindly greeted and bowed to, like a king. Even if you do not purchase anything, you will be met with a kind hearted farewell and another bow when leaving the shop. The Japanese are extremely kind people and live their day to day life with a key principle which is to not cause any inconvenience to anyone around them. Seeing as everyone is doing this, this is the reason why all the trains arrive right on time in Japan as well as all the streets being virtually free of rubbish. Hence, understanding this, it’s important to be very considering while in Japan.


If you are looking for a romantic vacation to Japan, there are a few tips you might want to understand before going ahead with the vacation. Japan is quite a conservative country when it comes to such things as relationships. Indeed, it does seem quite contradictory as you will see a hostess bar on one side and a couple on the other who will blush by simply holding each others hands. With that being said, such things as kissing and even hugging in public is quite taboo in Japan. If you are looking for a very romantic getaway, Japan might not be the best place to go and visit, unless of course you’re willing to respect the customs of the country and keep things in private.

As you can see, these tips will certainly aid you in planning your trip to Japan. There are many differences between conventional western culture and that of Japan. Understanding these differences will allow for a much smoother and enjoyable experience when planning your vacation to Japan.