The number of female investors is on the rise in India. In fact, the average Indian woman was found to invest 12.7% more than Indian men in 2018, recent statistics from ClearTax reveal. Historically, women have been largely prevented from gaining access to traditional investment options. However, this is now changing due to an increase in financial institutions offering investment services to women, as well as the internet making virtual investment possible. Moreover, numerous Indian women have carved out successful careers for themselves in this competitive, male-dominated industry.

Gold: an economic lifeline for Indian women

For women of all economic backgrounds, gold has been a reliable source of wealth. In fact, gold provides women with financial security in the absence of property rights. However, gold has recently seen an import tax hike, causing demand to fall drastically. Indian women looking for investment options may want to turn to silver instead. Silver jewelry demand has shot up by 600% over the last ten years, compared to just 25% for gold. It’s currently an affordable investment — $15.19 per ounce as per the silver price on Money Metals Exchange.

Nehal Chopra: top performing hedge fund investor

After founding her New-York-based hedge fund, Ratan Capital Group, in 2009, Mumbai-born Nehal Chopra has since been named an Institutional Investor hedge fund rising star. Already a Wharton School alumni by age 21, Chopra received 25 million in seed money from legendary hedge fund manager Julian Robertson Jr. At age 35, her fund is now worth $70 million after consistently making annual returns often over 20%.

India’s most successful female venture capitalists

Bharati Jacob, a Wharton School graduate, co-founded Seedfund Advisors to help budding entrepreneurs thrive. She uses her impressive experience in the finance sector to single out companies able to solve India-specific issues. Seedfund has invested in 35 companies with its biggest return coming from its initial investment in Vani Kola is another well-known venture capitalist named one of the top ten entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Kola earned her qualifications in the US and founded Kalaari Capital Advisors in 2006 upon returning to Bangalore. Kalaari has funded over fifty companies in India, all of which have been high growth enterprises.

Whether it’s passive or active investing, there are countless investment options out there for creative and driven women today. Use the above examples as inspiration. These inspiring women worked hard and didn’t let criticism and negativity get in the way of achieving their goals.