Moscow Spartak is an important part of the Soviet football history. At the beginning of the period of Russian independence, the team had no rivals. Everything has changed after big money came to football, and you can recall these times on bet online Competitors began to attract the best players with profitable contracts, but the national team tried to play on history, thinking that the glorious past may outweigh a few extra zeros in a check. 

But that didn’t happen. In this century, Spartak became the Russian champion only twice, letting not only Zenit money bag, but other capital clubs as well take the lead. Experts and fans pour out their anger from the team’s negative results on the club management, and they are right to some extent. After all, it’s the management who determine the further development strategy and select employees. There were several reasons why Spartak couldn’t get closer to the champion title:

  1. Coaching leapfrog.
  2. Constant changes in the club’s structure.
  3. Wholesale purchase of players. 

Each of the points has led to no results. New management tried to implement their vision of development, the coaching staff brought their thoughts onto the field, and the constant circulation of players didn’t improve the game stability.

However, you can see unfailing stability on bet online, where it is worth following the team’s results in real time and analyzing its prospects. 

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Great hope was put on Oleg Kononov, who performed well in Ukraine and Russia, but in fact it turned to be nothing. The team refused to accept the coach and many players complained about primitive training and obscure exercises. His fate was sealed, which you could learn from cricket bet app –, so he wasn’t surprised by dismissal.

But appointment of a German specialist to this post is not a universal remedy. Cricket bet app – believes that a lot of work should be done inside the club. It is necessary to fine players who allow themselves to criticize working process in public, to be closer to fans, who are considered to be among the most aggressive in the country and determine the development vector.  These very moments will help to revive the club’s former glory, which will guarantee the winning bets at football betting sites: and get not only pleasure from the game, but financial benefits as well.