Amazon just like all other online platforms ensures customer satisfaction. It is the continuous effort of Amazon that has made it stand alone in the last two decades. It is customer satisfaction and quality services that make the difference at the end of the day. You cannot just survive as an online seller if you are unable to communicate and deliver quality to the buyers. And, it is not a one-day game but a non-stop effort that is vital for your online business growth and development. 

Online shopping is convenient from all perspectives as it saves the fuel, time, and effort required to put during a traditional shopping scenario. But the only thing that keeps lurking behind is the item a buyer has just bought from your store. A buyer cannot just afford to wait for the product for weeks and months after putting in all the effort and paying the price of the product. Many buyers used to shop for an event and the product is of little use if it arrives after that event. Fast and expedient shipping thus remains the only option for the Amazon sellers. 

Shipping holds unique value in the entire process of online shopping. The entire process will start looking vague if the shipping is slow and sluggish. One needs to remain steadfast as a seller when it comes to online shopping and online business. It is necessary for you to explore all the good options to ensure the quick delivery of the items to the buyers. This is the only way forward for you as a seller. You know learn the art of shipping swiftly at

What Do Consumer Trends Say About Shipping Preferences?

It is good to look at the consumer trends before actually developing a plan to meet the customer expectations. You can design the best of the offers when you know what exactly your consumers are looking for when it comes to shipping. The speedy delivery of the items is the one thing but free shipping is the next most desired thing on this list. 80% of US customers expect free shipping after spending a certain dollar amount during shopping. Customers want sellers to deliver the items for free when they think they have paid a substantial amount during shopping. Most consumers love to see their items at their doorstep within two to three working days. 

You can consult an Amazon marketing agency for a better understanding of the stats. But the above-described phenomenon can also prove productive when it comes to meeting the consumer expectations for shipping. You can plan a speedy delivery by choosing a pertinent fulfillment method while free delivery should also remain on the list if you are charging your buyers up to a certain limit. 

What Exactly Is Fast Shipping? What Do You Need to Know About Shipping Preference on Amazon?

The gold standard for fast shipping is two to three days. Customers feel at ease when they see the delivery of the desired item within an expected time. One week is the definite upper limit but that is digested only when a consumer is making an international purchase or buying in bulk. The platforms like Amazon with warehouses around the globe are however planning the same-day delivery on local purchases. Sellers find it quite interesting as they can convince more buyers to shop online with that swift delivery of items. 

2-Day Shipping Standard 

The expedient shipping is the need of the hour if you want to attract more buyers. The 2-day standard needs to be met at every cost as that is the minimum threshold that needs to be used during fulfillment. Customer satisfaction is linked with the 2-day delivery of the items. 

Customers Want Free and Fast Shipping 

The 2-day shipping might have been taken as the gold standard but consumers want to see things happening at an ever-rapid rate. Besides fast shipping, they are looking for free shipping as well. A few of the consumers are ready to make a deal with the sellers by being ready to pay more on the items for the free shipping. Similarly, they expect it to come home for free when they have spent beyond a certain dollar limit. 

Consumers Want Low-Cost Shipping

Consumers want to be charged a little for the shipping. They do not feel good when charged a high amount. So you can catch the attention of the buyers by offering low-cost shipping on your store. It can be done by choosing the appropriate fulfillment method. 

The Consumer Wants Information About Their Shipping

Several courier companies are offering shipment tracking. It keeps a buyer engaged and satisfied. People can have access to the shipment and know exactly when their ordered item is reaching them. Now they want the same when they order online so as a seller you should prepare to deliver the shipping information to your buyer. 

Fast Shipping Has A Great Potential for The Sellers

Fast shipping offers enormous opportunities to the sellers as they can keep their buyers satisfied. The consumer wants convenience, high-quality and fast shipping. Therefore if you are ready to deliver it all to your buyers you are sure to get the customer advantage. 

Amazon and Walmart Are Already Doing It

Amazon prime promises two-day delivery and is also known to ship items for free. The story is very much true about the Walmart+ program that offers free as well as swift shipping options to the buyers registered with that program. You can also get a sure competitive advantage if you are ready to manage the fast and expedient shipping for your eCommerce store. 

How You Can Manage It for Your Buyers 

Now when you know that fast and free shipping matters during online selling then it’s time to develop a strategy for your store. You can also lure your buyers with a great shipping option if you have a strategy in place. Well, it is simple to do as you just need to adjust the price and fulfillment method. Selecting the right fulfillment method will enable you to deliver your things cheaply and at a rate that is desirable for the buyers.