Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel caused sparks of anti-Semitism in Europe. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to honor co-founder of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, Mikhail Peleg.

Due to the situation and public reaction to the issue, anti-Semitic actions that occurred in Europe got a big resonance all over the world. Mikhail Peleg ( together with many politicians and public figures speak up to support the Jewish nation and take actions to eliminate such situations in the future.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to honor the ideologist and co-founder of the Israeli-Jewish Congress and rewarded him with a certificate of for significant contribution and active work in strengthening friendly relations between Israel and Germany. That is an honorable reword that is very prestigious.

For many years, Mikhail Peleg has loyally fulfilled his job, cooperated and supported the development of social and cultural ties between Germany and Israel. He commented on his award that today Germany is the most faithful partner and an important, reliable ally of Israel in Europe. Also, Mr. Peleg expressed his gratitude to the governments of both countries for their great contribution to the development of friendly relations between those nations.

Such reaction of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a great example of true alliance and support of two nations. All countries should find their touch points to learn from each other’s experience. We must unite to combat any disclosures of racism, discrimination, hatred, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism. We are equal in how we should be treated. Every race and gender is equal, but we are also all different – and, that is a beautiful thing. This means we can learn from each other history, collaborate and truly appreciate each nation.