The terms “ecological, “environmentally friendly” and “green” are commonly said nowadays due to necessary concerns about the eco-system.  Over the years, planting of plants around some cities have been seen as a solution in correcting the ecosystem. Some American cities are known for planting plants around their cities for beauty and environmental purposes.  To have a good environment with fresh air, there is a need to plant different types of plants ranging from trees, ornamental plants and many more.   The ecosystem cannot be complete without the green plants; thus some cities have made it a point of duty to make their environment green. This has been a good advantage. Some of the advantages of planting plants in the city are;

Beauty – plants add beauty to the city. Some common cities all over the world are added to the list of the top most beautiful cities in the world due to the present of different plants.

Means of saving the ecosystem – considering the impacts of plants in the ecosystem, it is important to plant green plants to enhance a good ecosystem. Planting of these common plants will reduce natural disaster. Also, with the plants, there will be good oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.

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Below are the greenest cities in America;

Minneapolis – though this city is known for its small burgeoning manufacturing industry and the high average income, it does not joke with the ecosystem. The city of Minneapolis is one of the top cities that dabbed into a very high level of environmental sustainability with its city planning. This approach has helped the city in adding beauty while helping the city to attain a stable environmental condition. The city has the lowest level of electricity consumption to its GDP. Also, the city has the largest solar array in the whole of the Midwest. If you have not been to the city of Minneapolis, you have to find time to do so because the city has added beauty by believing in nature.

Washington DC – this city is trying its best to be the healthiest city in America by building a lot of green-conscious structures all around the city. Presently, Washington DC is considered as the city with the most green-conscious buildings approved by the United States laws.  Also, the city has been planting a huge number of trees thus encouraging the use of bike with a good level of commitment and maintenance. This is one of the cities to visit if you want to know more about the ecosystem and how it works.

Boston– the list won’t be complete without Boston because it is the first city to adopt the building of green buildings to go with the certification standards. The city has been teaching its inhabitants the usefulness of planting green.  It has advised its inhabitants to make use of hybrid cars as a means of transportation. There are lots of installed solar panels throughout the city.  Boston has a means of reusing water and other reusable materials to promote a good ecosystem.

Los Angeles – this is the number four greenest city in America with a good prospect. It has a lot of ongoing projects that will help the ecosystem. Los Angeles is the only city that has incorporated the fuel cell vehicles in America which is a good achievement.  The rate at which the city is attacking greenhouse effect in America; it will be the world great green city in no time if there is consistency. This step has added a visible effect that includes beauty to the city.

New York City – this city has done a lot in tackling the greenhouse effect neglecting the fact that it is the most populous city in America. It is one of the greenest cities in America due to the effort of the government in the New York state.  The green method of transportation such as walking, public transport and the use of bicycles has been one of the most used means of transportation in the city.  Different policies encourage the green methods of transportation in the city; all thanks to the government.

San Francisco – this city has done a lot in helping the ecosystem. There have been a series of activities and programs been embarked on that makes the city one of the greenest cities in America such as the green transport system that encourages the use of bicycles. Numerous trees are planted everywhere in the city. The city also improves its land use, green building, transportation, and energy use while reducing its emissions of harmful gases.