There was a time when horses roamed the streets instead of cars. For the longest time, they were the most used transportation on land. Even when the carriage was first introduced, it still needed the pull of a living thing before it could work. This is why they were vital back then, but the modern world changed all of that. Nowadays, you would only see these animals in enclosures or ranches as you can see on this page.

If you are a horse owner, then you know how tough it can be to look after them. Aside from the budget, you also need to take their size into account. They are not just like other animals that you can put in your house. They need to have a bigger yard to graze upon and a stable where they can stay for a long time. This is why only those with extra money in their banks can keep horses or they may be a part of your business.

Whether you are doing this for business or pleasure, it does not change the fact that these animals are also susceptible to many kinds of diseases. One example is colic or abdominal pain, and they will experience it so many times in the course of their lives. It is often characterized by loss of appetite, which can be worrisome since most breeds of horses are voracious eaters. You may need to take them into the vet, or you can have a sort-of first aid given to him or her.

The New Cure

You may have already heard all about cannabis. Its legalization is one of the major topics in the past, and it is still being hotly debated until today. Even if the federal government still considers it illegal, some states have legalized a form or two of it. Take a look at and see some examples of this product. One of the most popular products is the hemp variations, which are still similar to cannabis. 

However, it does not have the psychedelic properties that cannabis has with its extracts. Based on research, it seems that many animals react positively to the product. Just like with human users, their moods improved, and they can follow rules rather easily. This is all because of the compound cannabidiol, which is found in both cannabis and hemp. It travels through our nervous system through the endocannabinoid system of pathways. 

That is the reason why it only takes a short time before its effects can manifest. It is also rather effective with horses since they are mammals like us. We almost have similar structures, and there are many parts in the body that we both have as a species. However, they are herbivores, so their digestive tracts were developed for such a diet. They can easily develop colic in so many ways, including but not limited to eating non-plant sources or tougher leaves and stems.

Why Is It Effective?

Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with this specific condition. It loosens the intestinal tract, which can help them move their bowels over time. It is also an analgesic, which can help them manage the pain properly. It is great especially for those who cannot even eat anything anymore due to the pain that they are experiencing. This medicine may not be instantly effective, but it can slow down or mitigate the cause of the diseases. 

Even though cannabidiol can help, there are some caveats that you must be familiar with. For one, you need to find pure cannabidiol oil. It should either be labeled for animal use or it should only have cannabidiol in it as an ingredient. If it has THC, then you should avoid giving your horse that substance. It is toxic to them and can lead to a more serious compilation. Learn more about this compound here:

Meanwhile, it would be better to approach a veterinarian first regarding your situation. CBD is helpful especially in the right doses, but you still need a proper checkup on the animal. You might be able to identify that it is colic that they are suffering from, but it would be the doctor who will verify the information. You can give them the oil from time to time just to alleviate their pain but be careful with the dosage.