For a very long time, the idea of wearing tailored clothing has been a trending topic. Many people are rather keen on getting outfits that fit properly on their bodies, rather than wearing those items that you would typically find in fashion departments at branded stores.

Items of clothing that are made to order and are specifically tailored for you are referred to as ‘bespoke’, more about this concept can be found online. In many European countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, this concept is very popular and people of all ages usually prefer this. It can also refer to items that are not to be worn but rather things such as bespoke jewelry or furniture and upholstery for homes.

The process of getting these types of wardrobes made would be to go to a professional tailor or a store that offers the service and get an initial consultation done, thereafter they will take your measurements, you can choose the fabric and have them made according to your height, weight, body shape, and preference of color or patterns.

These come in options for both women and men and seeking out the right places that offer the service is the best way to go about doing it. So how is this compared to made-to-measure garments? We take a look at this and more below.

The Lasting Impression

Wearing bespoke or tailored suits is one of the ways you can look smart, and having your clothes fitted suitably shows that you take care of the way you look and can look a lot nicer than other options you may buy at the vendors. There is no doubt that those who have theirs made take pride in the way they dress.

Wearing items that are either too big for you, or even too small, tends to give others the impression that you are unkempt or untidy as a person, which could also directly reflect on your personality. In jobs that require you to act as a leader, one of the best impressions you can give your staff or colleagues is through how you carry yourself.

It is also one way that you can build confidence in yourself because when you look good, you also feel good.

According to psychological studies done on various groups of people, it is stated that ‘suiting up’ helps towards building your self-esteem, as well as self-efficacy: Similar to the way we identify medical professionals such as doctors or nurses with white coats or blue dresses, we can identify those who are in leadership positions quite easily through their appearance. 

Made-To-Measure Garments

When you compare the custom made to the bespoke, is that the latter is fashioned without the use of any pre-existing patterns, and is made to measure. This can be done from scratch using a concept design or an existing pair of garments can be altered for a better fit. This is a great way to make sure something fits correctly and doesn’t look too big or too small on you if for example your weight has changed, and can also be done after you have bought the item from the clothing store.

Custom-made garments may require a specifically cut pattern and the measurements are usually recorded by the tailor for any future suits or clothes to be made for that individual. Some made-to-measure garments are tailored to a specific design and can be worn by multiple shapes and sizes of customers.

It is a handy option for men and women suits to be made if they perhaps also have other inconsistencies such as a neck that’s too long, or arms and legs that are too short, excessive girth, low or high shoulders, low or high hips and more. With the ready-made options, this is seldom the case.

Before the traditional ways would make use of manual labor, however nowadays modern technology has allowed custom wear to be created with ease and accuracy. It is also a good way to implement mass production for certain fashion brands on the market.

Things That Can Be Custom-made

Not only the things you wear but also other items such as jewelry as mentioned above, as well as shoes, drinks, bags, food and décor for homes can fall under this category. It is also not restricted to certain materials but can be implemented on various types of materials from leather to cotton fabrics, silk, hemp, mixed fabrics and more.

This is not a new concept, however, the means of producing goods has been modernized in many parts of the world. clothing vendors have also started to add a department in their stores specifically offering this as part of their service, to make their customers enjoy their shopping experience more, as well as the things they purchase. So the next time you decide to alter your wardrobe, perhaps this is one of the options you can choose instead of buying a ready-made item, to make yourself look and feel good.