About Movie

The film begins on a tropical island populated entirely by happy bird-creatures — well, almost entirely. Our short-tempered hero, Red, has been sentenced to anger management, where he meets a speed-demon fowl named Chuck and a volatile bomb called, er… Bomb. But when a boatload of green pigs show up and drop anchor on Red’s home, he and his buddies take it upon themselves to figure out what these mysterious porkers are up to.

If there’s one thing The Angry Birds Movie gets absolutely right, it’s pairing the characters with their voice counterpart. Red’s sarcastic one-liners and short temper are a great fit for SNL alum Jason Sudeikis, and Frozen’s Josh Gad churns out a high-energy performance as the motormouthed Chuck. Danny McBride is also up to the task as Bomb, along with a bevy of comedians like Maya Rudolph (“Matilda”), Keegan-Michael Key (“Judge Peckinpah”), Bill Hader (“Leonard the Pig”) and Kate McKinnon (“Stella”), as well as Sean Penn as Terrance, whose only lines are a series of grunts and murmurs.

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