You’ve recently made the fantastic decision to visit Thailand for Thai New Year, called Songkran. It’s a 3 day festival in the middle of April where the whole country turns into a giant water fight. This is the hottest time of the year in Thailand, with temperatures easily reaching over 100 degrees, so make sure you get a haircut before you take off! There are some great deals in San Antonio.  Once you’re ready for the hot season, prepare for the most epic water fight of your life.

Nobody is off limits, babies, tourists, old people, families, everyone is fair game to splash some water onto. Here’s our guide for how to get the most out of this festival.

  • Go to Chiangmai – if you want to be in the full swing of the holiday, go to Northern Thailand, specifically Chiangmai. You’ll want to stay near the moat area, which is where the festivities are the craziest. Bangkok is also a lot of fun, but it’s more contained to specific areas in Bangkok. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be totally safe and dry though, kids and teenagers seem to love splashing unsuspecting travelers.
  • Keep your valuables dry – there are plastic covers that you can buy on the street for about $1, keep your phone and money in these. Otherwise, they’ll certainly get wet, and nothing ruins a holiday like breaking your phone.
  • Leave everything else at home – bring only what you absolutely need out with you. Don’t bring your passport, it’ll be fine if you just have a copy of it or a picture of it on your smartphone, which is safely tucked in a plastic cover.
  • Don’t wear the plastic cover around your neck – although Thailand is generally quite safe and the people kind, theft is prevalent everywhere in the world, especially if you have a smartphone, credit cards, and cash all together in one tiny, dry packet hanging around your neck. Don’t attract theft by showcasing all of your valuables in a fashion that’s easy for someone to grab.

Get water guns – it’s no fun being splashed if you can’t splash back! There are a wide variety of water guns that can be purchased on the street for $5-20 depending on how large it is, and how well it works. You can often fill these at filling stations as you walk around and battle the locals with your new found water friendly weapons.