The developer DICE has new information on the shooter Star Wars: Battlefront published. In the official news of the design chief Niklas Fegraeus has announced game mode Hunters Season mode .Already the official announcement of a corresponding mode has been promised for air battles, but at least now there is the first details. The space battles from Battlefront 2 will not return, which caused in the community for massive criticism .

So players on special cards (of which there are a total of twelve) plunge into Dogfights. Be flownamong other TIE fighters and X-wings , but also the Millennium Falcon will be controllable .Whether it is the dogfight version of playable heroes, is not known, but quite probable. The structure of the cards is Fegraeus describes as a “huge canyons”. First gameplay scenes we’ve probably already seen unknowingly. So is the official announcement trailer first (below the News) scenes from the mode will be shown. Also space battles will be part of Battlefront-Missions. These are scripted battles which can be fought against AI units or in Koop alone.

Who wants to see the space combat mode and first, real gameplay E3 PK EA still has to wait until June 15. For they had “big plans”. We hope for an immediately playable beta , as last year at Battlefield Hardline was the case.

Star Wars Battlefront will appear on November 19 for PC, Xbox and PlayStation One. 4