The designated as a Russian super-tank T-14 Armata is not controlled by a conventional steering wheel, but with a gamepad. This should be based on the famous PlayStation controller from Sony. That should fall young soldiers easier to familiarize yourself with the war companions, explained Albert Bakov, vice president of the tank manufacturer. The T-14 Armata was presented at the Red Square to the public during the victory parade on May 9.

On May 9 celebrates Eder new tanks of the Russian army, the T-14 Armata, on the Victory Day parade on Red Square his debut and was presented to the public. As part of this betrayed Albert Bakov, vice president of the tank manufacturer, now a few details about the new war vehicle. So Bakov betrayed over Russian media that the Armata and other tracked vehicles, which are based on the same chassis, is not controlled by an ordinary steering wheel – but by a gamepad.

This is reminiscent of Sony’s PlayStation controller, as Bakov explains: “I have spent two years trying to convince our designers it, to make it the console similar to build the gamepad of Sony Playstation a young soldier easier to become familiar with it to make. “Furthermore, the new type of tank control is not only space-saving, but even safer. “As it turns out, a steering wheel is hazardous to the chest during an impact and getting out. It requires more space, but provides us with nothing,” said Bakov.

But to developed PlayStation controller, the new steering wheel should not remember, instead, it is a strongly leaned against the PlayStation pad hardware. The T-14 Armata will be equipped with a powerful main gun caliber 152 mm, according to First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in the future. Thus, the tank would be far strongest armored vehicle in history. First pictures of the T-14 Armata are already circulating on the net.