You may already know about the amazing health benefits of getting into a relationship with Mother Nature, but if you don’t, then you have come to the right place. Some of us who live in urban settings rarely find the time to appreciate the wonders of nature and tending your small urban garden can bring that much-needed natural element into your life.

Here are a few of the benefits gardening can bring.

  • Physical activity – Gardening takes it out of you and a couple of hours cleaning up the yard would equate to a good workout. If you consider yourself inactive, spend some time in your garden, learn about why mulch is important when gardening and start to design your ideal outdoor living space.
  • Sense of satisfaction – While taking nothing away from Mother Nature, your gardening efforts shape the space to look balanced and appealing; when a friend compliments you on your garden, it’s a nice feeling to know that others appreciate your work. If you love to entertain, make sure you get to work in the spring and create a garden that is tidy and easy on the eye.
  • Connecting with nature – That feeling you get when you are mixing the potting soil and the mulch, ready to plant roses this year to add some rich color. Some talk to their plants and there isn’t any science that tells us plants are not sentient beings, indeed, many gardeners play classical music for their plants, with amazing results! Pruning, watering and watching over young flowers and shrubs is a very satisfactory hobby and you get to see these amazing blooms and know that you played a part in their creation. While on the topic of nature, there are many health benefits from kratom, which is a tree species found in Southeast Asia.
  • Gardening gets you outside – If you spend most of your time in front of your laptop, it is nice to spend an hour a day messing with your gardening corner. If you live in an apartment, indoor plants and window boxes are ideal. This is a small investment hobby that will bring some joy into your life and when the summer finally arrives, you will have something to show the neighbors and a place to relax among your plants.
  • Gardening is a known stress reliever – If you suffer from stress, gardening is definitely for you; many people report less stress after taking up growing a few plants and these troubling times cause us to spend more time at home. You might like to grow cacti or other forms of exotic species and creating a glass house is a wonderful idea.

Whether you have a backyard or not, it is relatively easy to bring gardening into your life and we all need something to keep our spirits high. Mental health and wellbeing are essential aspects to modern society and being close to nature brings with it a sense of well-being, so plan your 2022 spring to include a visit to the local gardening center and add some pleasure to your life.