Beauty and fashion are one of the primary focal points for today’s society. Makeup, hairstyles, wardrobe, all the latest in trends and brand name designer tags on everything right? One of the largest, and more expensive yet permanent, methods to achieve “true beauty”, is cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is mildly popular in the social class that can afford it, and they look great. But, what about the cases you don’t see? The cases that result in unwanted, and life-changing effects of cosmetic surgery that occurred as a result of the negligence of the surgeon.

Many will attest that cosmetic surgery is safe, and reliable. Yet still, some have experienced cosmetic surgery gone wrong. Excessive scarring, Aesthetic and/or nerve damage, excessive bleeding, a breakdown in the skin, these are all possible adverse side effects of cosmetic surgery and should not be overlooked, or underrated. A percent of other patients who have undergone surgical make-overs have described some other effects such as hematomas resulting in the need for additional surgical treatments, an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, or an accumulation of fluid under the incision. Depending on certain patients pre-surgery existing health conditions, an increased risk of strokes, heart attacks, pneumonia and blood clots both during and after surgery can occur.

Cosmetically self-conscious people, male or female, should they be interested in obtaining cosmetic surgery, should meet with their GP first, to discuss all the possible adverse reactions to the procedure, both long-term as well as short-term. By doing this, the prospective patient becomes aware of all the concerns associated with the type of cosmetic surgery they are interested in. This also allows the doctor and the patient to discuss any possible existing conditions or medications they may have prior to surgery, that might cause complications in the patient’s surgery and recovery.

Some adverse effects of cosmetic surgery are always going to be a risk, regardless of the precautions taken to avoid them. Others, however, are a result of a poor surgeon performing the procedure, or negligible procedures performed by the surgeon. When this occurs, the effects of the surgery can be life-long, and never go away. This realisation can cause a massive amount of stress and emotional degradation for the patient.

Patients who are concerned about how their surgery affected them after the procedure, or experiencing any of the adverse effects are advised to contact their GP as soon as possible, and get in touch with a lawyer, as the surgical practice that performed the surgery, may be liable and required to make restitution to you.