If you’re looking to sell your property you will need to make sure that it is appealing to potential buyers. If you’ve ever viewed a property yourself you will be aware that when you look around you are trying to imagine yourself and your belongings living there. This however can be difficult to picture if the house isn’t prepared properly and is a big cause of people refusing to buy. By following our simple steps below you will be able to get your home as ready as possible in order to claim that sale.

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First Impressions:

First impressions are vital. Like when you meet somebody new what they say in the first 30 seconds will determine whether or not you like a person. The same goes when buying a property. If the outside of it doesn’t look right it can leave a lasting impression and deter a sale, even if the inside of the property is flawless. Style by Carden Exteriors Inc recommends you make the outside of your home is presentable by tidying up the garden, sweeping up the pathway, removing any litter from inside or outside of your garden and by making sure that the paint work and windows look clean.


If you have any unfinished DIY jobs in your home make sure that these are completed. Nobody wants to look round your house and notice that you have moved from one job to another without finishing the previous. A home should be ready to move into unless that buyer is looking for a renovation project.

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The Kitchen:

The kitchen is a focal point of any home as a lot of activity goes on in this room. Naturally a buyer would expect this room in particular to be clean and tidy to ensure that it is hygienic enough for handling food and cooking in. Greasy hobs, cookers and sticky floors are an instant right off so make sure that these are clean first and foremost. To make it even more appealing ensure that the worktops are clutter free so that people can see the space available to them and make sure things like cupboard door handles are intact and tidy looking.

The Living Area:

The living area is a place in which people want to relax after a hard day’s work so make sure that it feels that way. Ensure that the floors of the room are clean and that they have been hoovered so that the room looks welcoming. De-clutter the room of any personal items that could distract buyers and make sure that any pet baskets, litter trays and toys are out of sight.

Preparing Your Home for a Sale
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As A Whole:

As a whole all of the rooms in your property should be clean, tidy, clutter free and fresh smelling. Bedrooms should have made up beds and clean linen so that the room looks habitable. Bathrooms need to be cleaned to remove any dirt, grime, lime scale, stains and hair that may be present. One thing a potential buyer does not want to see is remnants of your bathrooms activities.