As an employee, it is imperative for individuals to learn the rules and regulations of the position as well as any potential safety hazards. With most employment opportunities, there comes some type of risk be it small or large in nature. As a gas station employee, one must learn the risks of working in such an environment so the right safety precautions and measures are taken to ensure your safety as well as customers to the station. Below we will take a look at five different key safety points one should consider when employed in this field.

gas station

Environmental Risk

Because a gas station involves gasoline, you are in a very hazardous environment if the proper safety precautions are not taken. Fires and explosions are the most prevalent types of accidents that can occur on the job. Gasoline is very flammable and can easily explode causing a fire that can result in injury or even death. The most common cause of such incidents can be sparks or static electricity that will lead to an explosion or fire. It is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times to avoid such incidents.

Avoid Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use at the pumps is a topic of discussion that many will disagree on. While the danger of using a mobile device while at the pump seems to be a rumor, there is evidence that suggests a mobile device can pose a risk to explosion at the pumps. It is important to use self-restraint and avoid using your cell phone while at the pumps to ensure that you are not creating a hazard for yourself or customers. The usage of a cell phone can potentially cause a spark which can then ignite with the gas of the station.

No Smoking

When working about flammable materials, it is essential to avoid smoking in the immediate area. If you smoke, be sure to partake only in areas that are situated in a designated area that is safe to do so. Be wary of other employees and customers who may appear to be about to light up and stop any smoking from taking place near the gasoline pumps to ensure everyone’s safety.


Vehicle Safety Tips

If you are pumping gas for customers, or watching those at the pumps, be aware of activity. The engine of a vehicle should be turned off to ensure that the electrical wires of the vehicle to do not come into contact with the vapors of gasoline as this can cause an explosion or fire. You must also be with the vehicle at all times as the gas is being transferred to the vehicle. You are handling hazardous material and must take heed when doing so.

Avoid Overflow

When filling up a gas tank, it can be easy to lose track of the process and overfill the tank causing a spill. When you overflow the gas, the gas can soak into the ground, on to your clothing or skin. Gasoline is an irritant to the skin so you can have an irritating reaction or even burns to the skin. You will also be a potential fire hazard as well as causing issue with the ground near the pumps.

Take caution when working in this environment to ensure that you are providing a safe area for those working alongside you as well as customers to the station.