PSN Down: For the recent failure of the PlayStation Network again assumes more responsibility Lizard Squad. Via Twitter announced the network known to be responsible for the problems of the Sony service last Saturday. However, whether this is true, can not be clarified. Meanwhile, all the problems of the PSN service are fixed.

PSN Down: Last Saturday renewed problems in Playstation Network made sure that the Sony service for some players could not be reached and found themselves once again confronted with an error message many players. Meanwhile, the issues are resolved, the service is available again without restriction.

The self-proclaimed hacker grouping Lizard Squad now confessed via Twitter for renewed attacks on the PlayStation Network and thus assumes responsibility for the recent failure.”We are back” including link to the status overview of the PlayStation Networks tweeted a spokesman for the network, which provides repeatedly with DDoS attacks for unrest.However, whether this is true, is facing outward.