The movie revolves around the life of Sitaram (Praween Khatiwada) who is a respected pandit in the village and his lauri (a stick which he uses when performing rituals). The story takes a turn when Chaite (Pramod Agrahari) comes to the village to end the badi practice which is still prevalent in the village. For that, he has to take on the popular panditji and change the way people look at lower caste women in the village.

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The first half of the film is quite enjoyable with the director showing how respected pandits are in Nepal. The movie shows how people look at pandits and also touches a bit on the badi practice. The film shows the audience how men use their wives to earn a living and how casteism still exists in society. The first half ends on a cliff-hanger which makes the second part even more interesting as it revolves around Sitaram, Chaite, and Mandira (Sandhya KC)– all of them facing a life-changing situation. Though the movie does tend to drift away a bit in the second half, it still makes for a good watch.