You only need to look at those faked-up MediEvil screenshots to see that nostalgia is a blinding force. Hell, there were fake Gears of War remaster screenshots floating around only this week. Being easy to please also makes you easy to fool, it seems.Two videos of Gears of War have popped up on XboxDVR – you can see ripped versions of both below :

There are a few facts that lend this possible leak some credence. For a start, XboxDVR takes videos directly from your Xbox Live account and the Upload app – both uploaders’ accounts have since deleted the clips. Couple that with the fact that the Gamertags seen popping up in the videos, ElitistPath05 and SpongyPlains6, are both accounts with very low Gamerscores, default avatars and what look like auto-generated names – a possible sign that these are brand new accounts, made either for QA, development, or even the leak itself.