If you are on the look for a perfect smartphone today, the devices that have undergone depreciation in the past years may seem better than the new low-end devices. Which is the better option? This article is focused on the “new budget phone compared to the old flagship”.

What is the difference between this two, let’s check the differences.

A budget phone refers to the phone that you can get at a more affordable rate. On the other hand, an old flagship phone is the more useful one within a related group. This means the phone that is the more featured or with more capabilities. Flagship phones compared to the budget phone is more expensive. Currently, one can go for a 3 or more years old flagship phone at the same price as a new budget phone. 

To gain a clearer understanding of the two we adopt the case of Samsung Galaxy S7 and the XiaomiMi A2. Through a step by step process, let’s see if finally, we can have the best pick


In a comparison of two phones, performance is a key factor and a topic of interest. XiaomiMi A2 has a more recent snapdragon 660 processor alongside a ram of 4GB. 

On the flip side, the Galaxy S7 brand was ushered to the market in 2016 with 4GB ram and an Exynos 9 series which is same as the Snapdragon 820.

The recently introduced Chip for the Mi A2 got a more fast performance compared to the S7 and losses on graphics. The Galaxy S7 with three years old chipset has double the graphics performance more than the Mi A2. When playing the same high-end games, a performance gap will be noticed for games such as Asphalt 8 and PUBG.

 Though PUBG is going to play in Mi A2, there will be more amazing kicks with the Galaxy S7.

Display quality

One of the most crucial areas while discussing phone quality is the display. This is because in the previous 3 years many things would have changed for the phone’s display. For most phones today, it is possible to find a beautiful and much bigger screen about 18:9 in aspect ratio. This is the case also for Mi A2.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S7 may have a relatively small display without the beautiful corners. For both the displays, the resolution is comparable. It is possible to have a display that has a better screen but lacking in the quality of display synonymous with the old flagship. There is a better color contrast for the Galaxy S7 owing to its super AMOLED display than the Mi A2. 

Build quality

Today, from very cheap prices, smartphone companies are making efforts to offer more and more. Honestly, the majority of today`s budget phone is not cheap completely. In terms of build quality, the flagship Galaxy S7 has an edge. It feels much premium because it has been covered with glass from, the back.

Come to think of it, it’s not right to compare just blindly since certain budget phones are fitted with a glass cover at the back. The Mi A2 at other times may feel nicer because of its thickness where it is 7.3mm while the other is 7.9mm thick.

Camera quality

Nowadays, the camera has become one of the main things that buyers look for in a phone. No doubt, in the budget phone segment the Mi A2 has one of the most preferred cameras. Despite both having the same camera capability of 12 MP, the S7 has hardware that is more refined and so in terms of pixel size and the quality of the sensor, it takes good photos.

The video recording of the S7 is more stable despite both gadgets able to shoot 4K video recording. Today, most handsets are fitted with dual camera setup which makes it possible to take pictures with DSLR which is a win for the newer budget phones including the Mi A2.

Check out the J7 vs S4 difference analysis to see which one you would go for if you prefer an old flagship phone.


Majority of the budget phones come along with good and much better features but none of them receives an IP certification for protection from dust and water resistance. This is a feature that can be traced with the flagship phones such as the S7. Here it is a clear win for the Galaxy S7.


This we are going to look at with a comparable factor which is the stock android. Mi A2 receives the more recent updates because it is a stock android and so if referring to the Google pixel other than the S7 which is in the same group. Despite being a 3-year-old product the theGoogle pixel still receives the latest software updates.

Therefore if you are having software update in mind then stock android phones are the most preferable.


There is a general agreement that most of the budget phone`s battery does last for long. This is not the same case for the flagship phones. In many cases, flagship phones that are 2-3 years old have worn-out batteries. I will argue that new budget phones have aged as per battery capacity.

Resale value

For the budget phones, they seem like the old one will go and a new one is on the way. This instantly lowers the resale value.

Basing on the resale value the winner is the old flagship phones.


To sum up, based on the benefits and advantages, a flagship phone 3 years older is better than a budget phone bought in 2019.

Wait, that’s not all!

If you are in the search for a flagship phone, it is a matter of fact that you will not have it new as the brand budget phone. So better have a brand new budget phone. There are some features that you may find yourself losing out on like water resistance, dust protection, wireless charging among others which you will get in a new phone and get peace of mind.

Regardless of the phone you go for, always ensure that it suits your needs. And don’t forget to take care of your phone as recommended. Proper smartphone care helps to extend its durability and maintain its condition.