The silence surrounding Uncharted 4 has been broken with an interview published today by games™. We’ve highlighted a few interesting tidbits about Naughty Dog‘s camera preferences – for instance, Lead Designer Ricky Cambier explained why they always go with third person.

“For me personally, if I can’t see the character… well, I want to know what they’re going through, you know? I’ve always felt more connected to the protagonist in third-person games because of that. If I’m playing a first-person game, I get to a cutscene and the camera comes out and I see my self and I think ‘Oh yeah! That’s what I look like!’ [laughs] For me, that comes with a bit of a disconnect. I think third-person is a stronger medium for getting you to relate to the character as a protagonist.”

Writer Josh Scherr also expanded on the camera differences that you may notice while playing Uncharted compared to The Last of Us.

“We go with the wider camera for basic gameplay because the [Uncharted series] is about exploration and wide-open spaces. You want to feel the grandeur of these environments and have them pull you in, versus The Last Of Us, which is about danger lurking around every corner. By restricting your view a little bit, we forced the player to constantly look over their shoulder, scouting for threats. The camera choices alone add to the tone of any game.”

Honestly, I loved the closer camera they used in The Last of Us. I can see what they mean, but they could just use a closer camera for combat situations and allow for more zoom during the exploration sections of Uncharted.

Speaking of which, we’ll soon get a chance to see some new gameplay of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 at E3 2015, so stay tuned.