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In addition, there’s a lot of money at stake. At initial glance, the grave nature of the game might not afford a lot of opportunities for a laugh, but if you look at the nicknames that players all through the globe have given to the hands they play, it’s clear that even poker online players have a sense of humour. Listed here are a few of the most colourful nicknames out in the poker world:

A A: Two aces, the ideal starting hand in poker, is appropriately nicknamed “American Airlines” perhaps as this hand lets you fly over the competition. It is also termed as “Bullets in the Chamber” almost certainly for its risky nature.

A 6: Because an ace is a bullet and 6 is the worst kicker to get with an ace, this hand is nicknamed as “Ray Finkle”, the fictional kicker for the Miami Dolphins in the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. In the film, Finkle missed a field goal, causing his team to lose the Super Bowl.

K Q: King – Queen is named as “Marriage” when it’s dealt. If you don’t win the hand, but, “Divorce” turns out to be the better fit.

9 2: This one is called as the “Montana Banana” as it’s easier to drive a frozen banana through the state of Montana than win with this hand. Even though it’s an awful starting hand, it’s a good one to bluff with as even if you lose, you still have the comic story to fall back on.

Q 2: Queen – Two is sat times termed “MacGyver” as it always seems you can make it work in the end. Nicknamed eponymously for the 80’s TV series about a man that always made a thing from apparently nothing, it can be a tricky hand to fold prior to you’ve seen all the community cards.

J 5: Jack – Five is known as “Motown” or “The Jackson 5” for solely phonetic reasons. Reminding us of a time when Michael Jackson was still charming, it can be a good hand to bluff with as well.

7 2: Statistically the worst starting hand in poker, this is named the “Beer Hand” as you would have to be intoxicated to play it. Also, if you happen to in fact win with it, you ought to probably buy a beer for everybody else at the table.

Are you an online poker real money player? Do you have any house nicknames for your favourite hands?