This particular film is based on a story of a polio affected boy. He was not given the vaccination of Polio on time and became handicapped. On inspiration from his father, defeating his handicap, he achieved the zenith of success. Not only for him alone but for a collective group of the physically disabled. He gave them a life of honour and self-respect. While doing this, he changed the attitude of the physically challenged and their vision towards life. He accepted the challenge and made an association for the physically challenged.

There are lots of schemes provided by the government which do not reach the deserving candidates. He began acquiring the information required and enabled the needful to get permanent sources of income.

In this movie, the issues of the handicapped and their struggle for survival has been depicted. On overcoming their daily struggles and obstacles, how they attain their goal has been shown in this movie. We believe that on watching this movie, society will look at the handicapped with a new attitude and the handicapped will feel a pride from within.

This message is not just for the physically handicapped but is for each common man who gets distracted from their goals and dreams and loses hope during their prime. Life just carries on and one to two decades gets lost in this turbulence.

When they look back to the past, they have regrets of the decisions they made then. We want to send this message to the common man that, Obstacles come to everyone but if you are determined, no matter how many obstacles and difficulties come in our way, they will be of no consequence if your determination and passion supersedes the obstacles.

The lead character in this film can achieve success overcoming his handicap then why cant the common man? Nothing is impossible has to be shown with deeds and not just words. Our handicapped youth say passionately,

So what if you cant walk, we now climb, Here we joyfully climb right upto the fort.

Marathon is a race. Here a distance has to be covered and the finish-line is the goal. Many people participate in this race, some run, some walk. Those who cover the entire distance is a winner. Our life is a marathon and our dreams are the finish line.

Friends, in life, to reach your goal, walk, run or crawl. If tired, crawl but never stop. Keep moving. Its natures law; For those who stop its the end.


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