No confirmed news about the features and specification of the latest Smartphone of LG is there. Also, LG is doing a hard work to improve the features of the next phone, so it can satisfy the demands of its customers and can heat up the market. No exact information about the LG G4 is attained till now, but a number of rumors are making the users excited to see the latest Smartphone of LG. It is rumored that the LG is working quite hard on 4K and 2K Smartphones to beat the Samsung company in the industry.

As you know, the Korean company is quite famous and experienced in the industry that has a reliable increase in the growth of the revenue by 112% with the help of its successful sales of the phones. It is also anticipated that this company is now going to invest in the G4. Therefore, the customers of LG are quite excited to know about the amazing features of the latest Smartphone.


Release Date

As this is known, the LG G3 was declared in the month of May and was launched in the month of June this year. Therefore, it can be expected that the LG will follow the similar trend. It is rumored that the LG G4 will be released in the month of March, 2015. The LG can release the Smartphone earlier than the given date as the possible launches of Google and Apple will also be in the year 2015.

Build And Design

The G4 is supposed to have a metallic body that will be a unibody of the original metal. It seems that the Smartphones having a metallic body will be the trend that will be used in the latest gadgets in the year 2015. The users of LG expect that the LG G4 should have a water-resistant and dust-resistant body.

Connectivity And Processor

The Smartphone G4 will have a processor of 64 bits that will make its customers very happy in 2015. It is rumored that Qualcomm Snapdragon processor will also have CAT 6 LTE that would make the connection faster up to 300Mbps. In the United Kingdom, the networks available there will support only 150Mbps next year.

Battery Life

As you know, a high resolution screen and a wonderful processor will be used in the LG G4, therefore, the battery power of this Smartphone is expected to be amazing, which will withstand the hectic specs and features.


The LG G4 will consist of an amazing screen that will bezel free with a resolution of 1440X2560pixel. It will consist of a 4k display of 5.3 inches. The display will consist of a screen of complete HD LCD. The G4 will consist of 0.7mm bezel, which is wonderfully slimmer than a credit card.


The camera of the LG G4 will consist of an optical stabilization of the image and the laser autofocus with a great resolution that will boost up the performance of this phone. The front camera of 5Mp will also present in this Smartphone.