The automobile freaks are as serious about the price as much as they are about the features. It’s an obvious fact that one has to be supple enough while determining the right value. Value of any product depends upon the demand. In a nation like India, where the demands are of eclectic kind, it’s no doubt a baffling affair to set the true value of a car. Anyway, good news is that there is now multiple ways available for free car valuation India. Find the details here. The following compilation presents the best ways of determining the justified value for a car.

One can stay assured of the right values upon having authentic information about anything related with valuation of the cars. Being specific, you can never relax about the following ones.


  • The most important among them is the day of registration. Registration date determines the real age of a vehicle. Though the total distance travelled tells a better story, still, the registration date keeps a lot of value as the distance travelled can always be manipulated being a machinery aspect. On the other hand, the authentic proof of registration always tells the real story of a car’s age. This is the reason for it to be the professional way of determining a car’s age.
  • The total taxes paid for a vehicle is a definite point to be taken in to account while determining the true value of a car. There are various kinds of taxes those are claimed for any car. Keeping the record of all the above amounts paid helps in calculating the total depreciation value.
  • If you are willing to buy a used car, it is important to enquire about the number of owners the particular vehicle has passed through. Irrespective of the distance travelled by the vehicle, this factor plays a crucial role in compromising the price in your favour. Mostly, the above point is really important if you are in to free valuation through the private party agencies.

Being documented:

While going for a free valuation, the buyers as well as the sellers should always be specific about the maintenances. Prior going to invest on a used car, the most recommended way to check the claim of zero maintenance would be through issued documents from the concerned departments. For those going to sell the vehicle, to ensure the most impactful impression, it is important to have legal zero maintenance claim certificates.

Hitting the mass:

Usually people neglect the colour of a car. However, according to the surveys, it has been found that about five percent of people in a nativity (among the total of used car buyers) opt to go for a used car upon not finding their preferred colour. The above groups of people happily pay some extra amount upon finding the car of their preferred colour. If your vehicle with the concerned colour is not too old, then the chances are at peak for raking those extra bucks.

Being rare:

Pretty much similar is the case about the engines as it is mentioned about the colours, mostly in India. People over here show some added craziness about a particular version of some engines. However, it’s not rare for the companies stopping the particular edition once it shows minimal maintenance. But, it becomes difficult for them to clean the impression already set in the minds of the above fans. If you are having the vehicle or an engine of the above kind, then it’s like a treat. You should definitely highlight the factor with the trader to enjoy that extra advantage.

Web is always captivating

Internet is undoubtedly the most used ways of determining the true value of a car. The sleekness of the above ways is responsible in dragging the huge attention. Putting a few detail manages to bring you the most deserving amount in a knee-jerk fashion. You can follow some incredible sites like,, for ensuring the best price in Indian scenarios.

Irrespective of the platform you choose for free valuation, it is important not to disclose the preferred price, or budget first (if you are the buyer). Manipulate well and try to convince with your desired price.