Want to understand the role of JD in supply chain of manufacturers? The article is written by Rachel Lie who said that JD established partnership agreements with Chinese manufactures. That is XU, FU, and CHI companies. The leveraged technology associated with JD products and operations would support the manufacturing companies by building a digital transformation for the companies.

How do you think digital operations could affect the performance of JD Company? The digital operations would be improved through integrated operations capable to streamline the entire supply chain operations of the manufacturers in China logistics companies. For instance, JD is one of the company that embraced partnership to better her logistics. Besides, it is focused at developing one of the most modern and efficient logistics systems. This better performance can be achieved through existence of bi data resources coupled with the revenant systems of information.

How did the technology facilitate benchmarking? An added operational experience with China market will improve the operations of the Company through benchmarking. JD Company managed to build one of the best smart warehouse in Shanghai region so that they could develop their delivery logistics through automation and use of robots.

How was seamless connectivity achieved by the manufacturers? The existence of an Omnichannel would also assist the companies to provide more seamless connectivity of supply chain operations with the manufacturer’s needs. The smart logistics technology associated with JD Company would assist the companies to gain improved supply chain operations to improve the efficiency of manufacturing. The smart factory of one of the manufacturers like the case of Chi Company would be run by the smart technology in JD.

What do you think is the impact of technology on the supply chain operations? The overall effect of the technology would ensure the Chi factory provides more advanced manufacturing designs through the technology. Besides, JD.com would provide the manufacturers within China logistics Companies with digital parking and digital warehouses for better storage and handling of manufactured goods. Through a block chain and digital fleet, JD Company would empower the companies with smart production to match their manufacturing activities with the recent technology in existence.

Did you know that the warehouse and the transport network was improved? The warehouse operations and the transportation systems are improved through the smart technology provided by JD Company. As a result, most of the warehouses across the manufacturers transformed from onsite into online for the shipping business. The digital transformation has been achieved through most of the companies sponsored by JD Company to assist them to match with the recent technological advancements in the field of the supply chain.

How are supply chain networks transformed? The shipping and China logistics companies have achieved intelligent and more transformed supply chain networks that not only serve the local business with greater efficiency but also the entire world and its consumers. The application of the new technologies has been facilitated by such digital platforms as favorable logistics infrastructure, logistics, and smart parking a well as the existence of digital warehouses.

How did the collaboration with JD affect shipping operations? By the end of 2018, the three companies of XU, FU, and CHI had collaborated their operations with those of JD to achieve seamless and borderless connectivity across the globe. The new models in logistics can connect consumers and manufacturers without the need for warehouses. Instead, the existence of digital warehouses takes the place of onsite warehouses so that the consumer and the producer transact directly.

What is the overall effect of fast deliveries? This fast delivery reduces the costs related by the manufacturers of having to throw away the goods once their shelf life is reached. The increased delivery of goods has promoted the growth of the three companies with the assistance of JD Company to stand out in the manufacturing industry.