Long zippers are a vital product in the clothing and apparel industry, they come in different formats to adapt to all kinds of needs, their colors and materials also vary to suit the pieces they make up.

In today’s market you can buy all sizes of zippers, but when it comes to the length of the zipper there is a limit. The longest zipper you can get is known as the fabled #30 gauge. This zipper is the largest size that is currently physically possible to mold which might be translated in over 72 inches. Even though, if you are willing to sacrifice some quality and safety, you can find over 100 inches long zippers.

It might sound like there is no need for this gigantic type of zippers, but there are numerous industries that have special requires to create customized articles such as the fashion, camping, decor, stage design or the sculpture industries.

Even with that type of demand, not all the brands work with these extra big sizes. Most of them only produce regular size zipper and, maybe, have some special consideration for big clients or specific situations.

The relevance of the camping industry as the main require of long zippers.

The camping industry is one of the biggest sectors requiring long zippers and extra sizes zippers for all types of products designed for the outdoor life.

Whatever it is needed for a tent, a sleeping bag or a boat cover, the long zippers are usually the best option to apply.

For example, when it comes to sleeping bags, the most important features that you should look out for are:

Types of Zippers Applicable

  • Nylon (coil) zipper.

This is the most recommended type of zipper for a sleeping bag, actually, this is the most used for most of outdoor and luggage industries because it has high horizontal strength allowing it to be longer than the average zipper.

  • Plastic (Vislon) Zippers

These zippers are most used for military equipment for being an excellent choice if you are looking for a durable and waterproof option.

Types of Sliders Applicable

Zipper sliders come in a big range of varieties that can be adapt to the type of sleeping bag you have in mind. Two of the most popular features that sleeping bags have are the double pulls and the non-locking functions.

These features applies to a sleeping bag usually implies the use of long zipper to facilitate the different action that a sleeping bag might require, such as a fast in and out, the possibility of open the zipper from inside or outside the bag, and the need of having a completely open bag that works as a blanket.

Some of these characteristics are usually seen in most of the camping and outdoor products to facilitate the daily issues of the outdoor life.

Long zippers are the best solution in this cases because they help the camper or military man to have easier and faster access to a lot of instruments and actions that are needed regularly.