Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of time in taking and uploading pictures. Interestingly, the top factors that take a chunk of the time have nothing to do with capturing images but while uploading it.


Captions make me go crazy! Have you ever took a picture, uploaded it, but before posting spent a good half hour thinking what to write? Well, it has happened to me, and the feeling that you get after wasting that half hour is terrible.

But wait, there is a way to overcome it – that is – you just record the caption, and post the photo? That did save me a lot of time, and should save you a lot of time too! I’ve got a speaking picture app called Voxweb, which is free for download on both android and apple platforms for free, and saved numerous hours this way.


Thinking of grammar and frequent rephrasing

Seriously, we never care so much of grammar while speaking, but we do while writing and just no matter what we write, we tend to think that it is incorrect and then try to rephrase it. Sometimes, we just end up canceling the upload due to lack of a good caption. Again, it happens with the best of us, so don’t have an impression that you are the only one who does it.

Video vs Pictures

Now, this one is rather rare yet a possibility that tends to happen quite a number of times.  You might think whether videos or pictures would suffice for the occasion and in the process can spend a lot of time and effort. If you go for video, the disadvantage is bandwidth and limited format, the pictures are less vivid and do not carry a lot of intended message and needs a caption frequently.

Audio pictures have best of both the worlds – it uses space comparable to an image and carries as much emotion as a video. By doing so, it gets the recipient the most resonating message.

Sometimes, especially on Smartphones, you can’t get good videos, as you need to hold your Smartphone steady for a sustained period of time. Audio images capture the best image and complement it with audio so that the recipient gets the right mix.  Both images and videos have their own uses, but the scope of audio images is far larger than their respective segments. Often people don’t have a choice and end up compromising with image or video – but not anymore.

Having an option to swiftly take and upload images is a great concept, and voxweb deserves a pat on the back for the same. It has taken a lot of time barrier away and has made it possible to share images quickly and easily. It takes away a lot of time that we otherwise spend on captions for pictures or retaking the video. You can download Voxweb app on Android or Apple Platform for free of charge and start saving time that you otherwise spend with images.