If you spend as much time on Instagram as I do, you may have noticed more and more people posting pictures of themselves wearing glasses indoors. You may be mistaken for thinking everyone suddenly had their eyes tested and needing reading glasses, but that isn’t the case.

Whenever you see people wearing trendy glasses, there is an incredibly good chance you’re actually looking at a pair of blue light glasses. There are lots of new brands popping up online selling these non-prescription glasses, which help reduce the level of blue light people are exposed to when using computer and spending way too much time on phones and tablets.

With them typically coming in funky and trendy frames, it helps to know what style looks best for your face. Pick the wrong pair, and you’ll end up with glasses that won’t match your face and look a little off when you’re wearing them. You can avoid all that by understanding how glasses affect the shape of your face.

How can glasses affect the shape of your face?

We all have a certain face shape, whether we realise it or not. When examining the width of features like the forehead, cheeks, and jaw, along with the length of the face, we can pick up on specific face shapes like square, oblong, oval and pear. These are all shapes which help showcase which glasses we should and shouldn’t wear.

So what glasses suit specific shapes?

A general rule of thumb when choosing glasses is that you want your glasses to help do the opposite of what your face already does. This sounds ever so slightly odd but let me explain.

If you had a square or rectangular face (think of the old man from Up!), you wouldn’t want to wear square or rectangular glasses as they will accentuate features. Instead, picking round frames helps soften the face. On the flip side, someone with a round or oval face would want to go the opposite way by choosing thicker frames which broaden the face and add a more definitive shape.

Take A Face Shape Quiz

Kanturo, the creators of Kanturo blue light glasses, recently unveiled a new Face Shape Quiz, which can help anyone find out their face shape in less than a minute. If you are unsure what face shape you have, take the quiz, and find out. They’ll also highlight some frames which suit that specific shape.

Go and experiment

If you’ve never noticed before, even if you don’t need glasses, one remarkably simple way to figure out what shape suits you is by trying on different glasses. Even if you can’t physically go to an optician, ask family members if you can try on their frames and take a photo. It will help build an idea of what frame shapes work and how different glasses can completely change the shape of your face.

Just realise that the next time you’re in the airport and try on some fancy Ray-Bans in the sunglass shop, they may not look as glamorous as you’d hoped, all because of the shape of the frames. Make sure you buy a pair of glasses or sunglasses that actually suit you, rather than one that just looks nice on the shelf.