For many of us, there might be the opportunity to travel on the job. Some job titles require meetings, pitches as well as office visits in areas other than the ones we live in. This means the possibility of long hours, travelling by plane, train or car and meeting new people, all while trying to complete your day-to-day duties on the go. Travelling for work can take its toll, but there is no reason why you cannot enjoy work trips! Here are some tips that will help keep you in check while you’re “on the road”.

Keep active

There can be a lot of sitting involved in a business trip. Sitting on a plane or other transportation, sitting in meetings and sitting as you catch up on work during your trip. It is imperative that regardless of how your schedule is being disrupted during the time that you are working away from the office, that you should try and keep active! Many hotels have a swimming pool or a gym, or if you have the time, explore the area you are staying in and go for a walk or a run around the block! Exercise helps ease stress and enhances creativity, so in order to get those ideas onto paper, try getting active before you get started!

Utilise mobile office facilities

This is a great way to stay productive and keep business moving along smoothly while you are on the move! A hotel room is not always the best place to do your work, and sometimes a coffee shop can be too crowded and noisy. Business centres are your best bet when it comes to finding a space that is comfortable and well equipped with everything that you need in order to go about your daily business, without physically being in the office. There are various business centres worldwide that offer free WIFI and various other office facilities that you would normally find in your office space back home.

Try and stick to a routine

A business trip is anything but work as usual. You are up early and head to bed late, and there is little time to rest in between. In order to stay motivated during your business trip and keep your head clear, you should try and stick to a routine as much as possible. Try to not skip meals because of meetings or presentations, stick to your gym work out or your other means of relaxing after a long, hard day and attempt to take the time to breathe here and there where you can in order to make sure you have a clear mind throughout the strenuous periods that any business trip will throw at you.

Make use of your mobile phone

When you are on a business trip it is likely that you will constantly be on the move. It is important that you have all that you need close by, which is easily done by simply making maximum use of your mobile phone. Make sure that all of your mails and documents are downloaded on your phone for easy access during times that your laptop might not be as easily accessible. Having all of your content at your fingertips is essential in order to not waste any time during a business trip. In addition to having all your work available on your phone, be sure to set up a business package (also known as virtual offices) to make sure that all packages are being received and all calls are being answered.

How do you keep motivated while on a business trip?