Improving academic writing skill for professional level requires many steps. Writing academically at professional level may seem easy, when it is not in reality.  Writing is a skill which can be learn at many levels.  If you are having trouble writing, then assignment help is available to help you improve your writing skills.

Writing academically at professional level, follow these steps

1. Research

Research is very important, reading scholarly review article, thesis statement, medical journals, president speeches and etc. Research is important, for you to have knowledge about the topic on which you are writing academically. Researching and reading can also, improve your writing skills; as you read academic journals, you can learn different types of writing styles that are acceptable academically.  Proper research and proper citation and having bibliography is very important.

2. Hook and Experience

A powerful introduction which allows you to capture your audience attention. After introducing a strong introduction, get your audience more involve and let them experience the same things as you. Share your personal experience, a heart touching story before introducing your thesis statement.

By introducing your personal experience, you build credibility with your audience. It is important for you to create a standing position, to lead your audience in that direction, for your audience to not get lost in your ideas and thoughts.

3. Take a Stand

It is very important to let your audience know of your position, so, your audience can follow you easily. When you are writing, it is also very important that you are not being biased towards other. Just state your opinion without holding back. Keep in mind when you are writing you have a clear position and you are not being biased towards others.

4. Introduction to a Body Paragraph

Introduce and explain your topic to your audience and state your position with evidence.

Claim your argument by providing supporting evidence. Develop your argument by giving your opinion.

Attack the counter position without being biased.

Support your attack with evidence.

While you are writing do not forget to write with critical thinking.

  • Critical thinking breaks down into following steps:
  • Knowledge: recall information, research that you have done.
  • Comprehension: discuss the information you have, demonstrate it or either summarize it or translate it.
  • Application: problem solving
  • Analysis: breaks down the organization, an idea, a pattern that you have observe while you were doing your research. Interpreting
  • Synthesis: compare and contrast.
  • Evaluation: solving problem, giving your judgement, final outcome of the discussion. Prove your ideas.

These are the steps that you must follow when you are writing academically for professional level. Critical thinkingallows you to think critically and develop your position with evidence. It allows you to have a problem-solving skill, which can help you develop an interesting argument.

  • Make sure you are delivering the message that you want it to convey to your audience. If not, your audience will be left confuse and they will doubt your credibility. Your complete sentences and fully develop sentence structure will allow your audience to be able to follow you and your presented argument.
  • Make sure you are not writing cliché, if you are using flowery language or metaphors, it is not a good idea because it makes sentence lose its credibility, due to the fact that your sentence was to cheesy or detail to a point where your sentence just sound wordy and nothing else.
  • Make sure when you are writing follow the correct format of writing style MLA 8 or APA styling, and etc.
  • Make sure you are citing your evidence properly that it does not look like you are plagiarizing other people work.
  • Make sure you go back and proof read your paper, edit if needed.
  • Get others to give you feedback on your writing, so they can also, help you with editing and proofreading.
  • Make sure you polish your sentences and clarify the research material. make sure you are double checking your grammar, punctuation, spellings, citations, bibliography, you are following the correct format.
  • Proof read and edit if needed before turning in your paper.

A perfect paper contains no errors, clearly states it main arguments, its position, supporting evidence, and claims.  Cite your citations properly, and make sure your paper is free of plagiarism.

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