Finding a good shipping company can help you improve your business operations. The choice of carrier influences everything from the speed of the delivery to the profit of the company. Aside from profit, a shipping company helps you to improve the overall customer experience. 

A shipping company is the partner of your business. It is in the interest of your company to look at the shipping company features and use them to the advantage of your business. 

Such a shipping company is Unival Logistics. It is an embodiment of what you call a major carrier in the shipping business.  

Major Carriers 

A major carrier is a company that can deal with a serious flow of products per month. Aside from secure shipping, it offers other benefits that help your company stand out with its offer. 

For example, Unival Logistics has an unique insurance policy. The company pays for all damages up to 100.000$ for international shipments, and 150.000$ for US shipments. Such a feature helps you to recover possible losses in the case of product contamination due to hazards.

Yet, you can make any list of features to sound like excellent advertising. The secure way to improve your business operations is to find a shipping company that aligns best with your business practices. 

Before you settle for any shipping company, learn how to look for a good shipping company. Read on to find elementary traits of a legitimate shipping business. 

1. License and Bond

The most elementary thing to look at is the licenses and the legality of the shipping business. Avoid aligning with any freight company without proper licensing for the US and international markets. Usually, you can read about and verify licenses by checking them online. 

Another thing to consider is bonding. When the company is bonded, it has verification from an authority in the shipping industry. Also, all reviews and other data you may find on the company are verified and tested. 

Partnering up with a company without bonds and licenses may lead to malpractices for your company. 

2. Delivery

Then, it is time to look at the delivery methods. The three elementary delivery methods are truck freight, ship freight, and air freight. Out of the three, air freight is the fastest since it is freight done by an airplane. 

However, that doesn’t mean it would work the best for your company. Depending on your products, you can use another type of delivery. Keep in mind the speed of delivery. The customers want a short waiting time for their products. 

In the best scenario, all products should reach the customers in 24-48 hours. Read reviews and experiences from other companies to ensure the quality of delivery. 

3. Rates 

Still, rates remain the factor most influential on the choice of a shipping company. Companies often choose to partner with a shipping company that saves them money. Of course, the companies have to consider the type of products and their business model. 

For example, a flower business has to deliver fresh flowers. Shipping them by truck takes too much time, making the flowers lose freshness in the transport. Thus, air freight makes the most sense. And, it is also the most expensive option for shipping. 

Thus, the flower business has to inquire about a discount or a lower rate for a partnership to make sense. Always ask for discounts and lower rates before you purchase any shipping surfaces.

4. Products 

Companies often look for a shipping company after they look at their products. In the end, it is the type of product that determines the choice of the carrier. Your company needs a carrier that works or specializes in the industry of your company. 

If you work with fragile, high-value goods, you need a freight company that offers insurance. In case of breakage and without insurance, it doesn’t matter if a freight company delivers a product in less than 24 hours. 

Inquire about the area of expertise of the shipping company. Read about their services, and call them to ascertain what products they can ship. 

5. Tracking 

Tracking is another important feature of a freight company. It refers to the features that allow you to follow a specific shipment. Aside from the feature available for your company, it should be available to the customers as well. 

The tracking feature also improves the business operations of your company. While most businesses nowadays have extensive shopping systems, tracking helps to smooth down the customer’s buying process. 

Out of all elements of a quality shipping company, tracking is the least important. Your company may already have a tracking system in place. But, it comes in handy to have more support from the shipping company.  

6. Insurance 

Along with rates and products, insurance is the trait that determines the choice of a freight company. Insurance is necessary to protect your company and customers alike. Without insurance, your business may suffer a financial loss that impedes your company’s stability. 

When you look at the type of insurance a company offers, pair it up with the product you want to ship. That is even more important if you work with high-value products or products prone to hazards. 

Getting an insurance plan with a shipping company is paramount. Without it, your company may experience severe problems with your customers and your business. 

7. Accessibility 

Finally, you want to look at the accessibility of the freight company. Shipping products is a sensitive operation. Customers may call you to inquire about products and shipments. Then, your company needs stable communication with the freight company. 

Look at the contact options of the shipping company. See whether they offer communication via landline, email, or messaging apps. Give them a call and assess their response time, and evaluate their level of communication. 

After that, you get an idea of the shipping company’s accessibility. With that, you know what to look at when looking for potential partnerships.

Find a Shipping Company

Finding a shipping company is not a small matter. But, you can always make the right choice when you look at your company’s finances, products, and business model. 

These three factors are going to tell you everything you need to know about your future business partner. Make the right choice by trying to improve customer experience through superior shipments.