Call it a fantastic ice breaker, or a must-have memory maker or just a great way to ensure fun to one and all, photo booths are just the thing to bring a zing to almost any type of party. More so, when you are arranging a party for the younger ones. And when it comes to get the party started with them, you might want to put a few creative ideas to add to the difference factor.

#1: The Quotable Booth

Kids seldom get a chance to voice their opinions. Do you agree? If you do, then it’s time to give them a chance will some ultra-cool chalk-board creativity. Simply hand over some colourful chalks to them, and keep a big sized board. Allow them to jot down their thoughts and ideas over the board and add a new dimension of enjoyment to your party. Err… make sure that you keep the board as a photo booth backdrop.

#2: The Vibrant Zoo

Have you seen a tiger with painted pace, or a crocodile donning a pink-painted face? Nor have your little guests. So take the opportunity to show them the unshown and let their imagination run a little wild. Take some time to create some animal faces at home and paint them in vibrant shades. Keep them as your photo booth background and see your children having unlimited fun while posing with the funny cute faces.

#3: Frozen

Frozen themed party anyone? It can be a big hit in the summertime. Frozen themed birthday party supplies are so readily available these days; just make sure that you choose foods that are appropriate to the theme of the party. Think of frozen smoothies, snow cap chocolate candies, pretzels covered with yummy white chocolates and the like. And use some crazy props (such as Eskimo’s Hood or Snowman’s cap as your photo booth props. Reliable Photo Booth Hire can help you out in this regard.

#4: Say “ Arrghh” and “Yo Ho Ho”

Pirate-themed parties are not very uncommon these days; but you can still add a new flavor to it. Use the photo-booth as your pirate-themed background. Utilize cardboard and construction papers to make treasure chests, cannons and everything that can bring life to the theme. Your booth operator can also provide for the eye patches, pirate hats, Viking hats and funny moustaches to enhance the mood. Have a talk to your photo booth operator well in advance.


#5: Up It Goes

Kids love it when anything flies high. In keeping with that, you might want to use a card board box, paper mache and apply a little creativity to make a beautiful hot air balloon… Let their imagination fly high…

#6: Snapshots From Toy Story

Sometimes, children find it difficult to choose between aliens, astronauts, cowboys and animals. In that case, allow them to enjoy a Toy Story theme party, which will bring a happy amalgamation of all. So far preparing props for such a themed party, you can download printables like alien eyes, Ham’s nose and Buzz’s suit over the internet and use them.

#7: The Barber’s Room

Weird wigs, stick-on moustaches (which are available in plenty with the photo booth operators), overflowing locks, baldies and a little bit of funny, spontaneous poses…. That’s all you will need to make your little guests look super cute in a ‘barber’ photo booth.

#8: Safari Wonder

Once again, there is particularly no dearth of party supplies for a safari-themed party. And even if you are going to hire a photo booth in such a party, you can add props like large-sized soft toys.