The simple way to draw is to take a pencil and start sketching on a sheet of paper and later give different colors, as per your requirements, to the drawing piece you just created. The drawing created on such a sheet of paper is only two dimensional (2d). It simply means there is only length and breadth but no height, as a plain sheet of paper is considered to be in two dimensional only. But just fold the sheet of paper in such a way that it becomes cylindrical in shape, than the sheet of paper would be in three dimensional as it has also height now. One can also draw on a two dimensional sheet of plain paper in a way so that the picture drawn looks three dimensional. For example, draw the shape of a cube on a plain sheet of paper and it will look three dimensional. The picture could look in three dimensional (with calculating height) but in reality it is only two dimensional as a plain sheet of paper has almost negligible height.

But now the technology has made it possible to even draw three dimensional objects in air in the real world when earlier it was only possible to draw in 3d on a 2d surface of a plain sheet of paper. This is done through a Stereoscopic Printing Pen. This printing pen emits melted plastic which solidifies after few seconds. This melted plastic can be used to make various three dimensional plastic objects in different shapes and sizes. For example, you can make a real plastic made cube which will look like a box in the real world. You have to utilize the time between, when the melted plastic comes out of the pen and till it solidifies, to draw the required 3d structure. Just like people make cemented buildings in the real world, similarly different 3d structures can be built using this pen. You can know more about this printing pen at

Another interesting product the technology has given to the art lovers is the Osmo Masterpiece. Though Osmo, US based company, makes different gaming products but Osmo Masterpiece is the particular product meant for drawing. Osmo Masterpiece comes up with a Osmo Stand and Osmo mirror. You need to clip the Osmo mirror on the top of the iPad (just above the iPad camera) and need to place your Apple iPad inside the Osmo Stand. This will create an interactive area just in front of the iPad and this is exactly the area where you need to place your sheet of paper to draw. The most interesting part is once this system is ready to function, than as you put your pencil to draw on the sheet of paper, it will reflect a virtual pencil (a duplicate of your writing pencil) on the picture or photo in the ipad which you want to draw on the sheet of paper. Now you simply need to move the pencil on the sheet of paper in such a way that it aligns and move along the boundry of the photo or picture on the iPad. If you continue this process, it will draw the exact picture you see in the ipad. This is really a nice product for someone who is not good at drawing.

Another exciting drawing product is the Huion H610 Pro graphic tablet. Some people don’t know how to use graphic design softwares like photoshop. They want to draw on computer but with a pen. This graphic tablet resolves this problem. Graphic tablets are different from usual tablets and they don’t have any operating system in them. There is just an textured surface on this graphic tablet and a stylus pen is also provided along with it. USB cable can be used to charge the tablet and the battery of the stylus pen is also rechargeable. Now using the stylus pen you just need to draw anything on the textured surface of the tablet and the drawling will come live in real time in a doc on your computer.

There are many such technology based drawing products in the marketplace and only thing you need to do is to research a bit. So you can see how the technology is playing its wonderful role in the art field as well.