Summer is best spent outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a local place to get some exercise or planning a road trip to a major cycling destination, check out where to go this summer. Review inspiring trails and shop for the best hybrid bicycles 2021.

Whitefish, MT

For 32 miles serious cyclists can climb to Logan Pass from the Apgar Visitor Center. This steep climb is a good hiking workout and an intense cycling experience. Prepare for unbelievable views of Lake McDonald, Heavens Peak and the Weeping Wall waterfall as you see what Montana has to offer.

Greenville, SC

If you’re looking for a more gradual ride that still offers inspiring views, head to Greenville for the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The Blue Ridge Mountains provide the backdrop for this 20-mile hiking or biking treat. Unlike other trails on this list, you’ll be pleased to know you’re not going to be scaling mountains on this trail system.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail follows an old railroad bed between Travelers Rest and Greenville. The trail is comfortable and can be handled by prepared hikers and cyclists of all skill levels and ages. 

Lake Tahoe, NV

Lake Tahoe is the location of another epic, dizzying ride up the Flume Trail. The deceptively short 4.5-mile trail is1,600 feet above the lake and only offers a single track. You may need to swap your women’s touring bike for a mountain bike, but it also presents a beautiful hiking spot.

Enjoy views of Sant Harbor, Lake Tahoe and mountainous terrain in every direction. Start at Spooner Lake State Park and prepare accordingly for a strenuous, difficult ride or hike up to Marlette Lake.

Bend, OR

Enjoy the cool mist of Sahalie Falls and the beautiful scenery of the Cascade Mountains on this journey in Bend, Oregon. The entire McKenzie River Trail is 25.4 miles, so prepare for a full day of cycling. There’s an entire trail system along the river, so you can plan your own route and cruise along log bridges and downhill trails.

Big Sur, CA

You can’t go wrong with Highway One. The iconic ride along the California coast is a must-have item on any hiking or biking bucket list. A men’s or women’s hybrid bike or touring bike can help you hit the highway and cruise between popular spots and iconic Californian cities. Be sure to keep an eye on the traffic and plan your route with plenty of beach side breaks.

Crested Butte, CO

There are countless stunning places to hike and bike this summer, but one more you should check out is Trail 401 in Crested Butte, Colorado. This trail is not for the faint of heart, but offers unbelievable views of the Elk Mountains in all directions. It also includes plenty of forested paths, a pline fields and more wildflowers than you thought possible along a single trail.

Spend Your Summer Outdoors

Make memories with your friends and family by preparing for a summer road trip. Be sure to plan your route carefully, bring plenty of water and choose a reliable bicycle to keep you cruising comfortably.