Hair coloring is a fashion statement. It gives beauty to the hair, gives it volume and thickness. The person who has colored his or her hair feels like a new person and rejuvenated. It’s a way of expressing one’s personality too in today’s time. Apart from the regular colors of natural black,  shades in brown, nowadays, people like to experiment. As a result, a variety of colors and shades have come up in the market.

Colormate, which started out with herbal based hair colors in 1999, has come a long way in not only hair colors but also, a number of hair care products. The hair colors from their brand are herbal based. They use a variety of Indian herbs in the formulation of their hair colors. Their products are totally herbal in nature and their hair colors are of ammonia free hair colour.


Hair colors come with or without ammonia, an alkaline product. There is a reason why ammonia is used in these formulations. It helps by making the hair follicles to swell. As a result, these follicles become more absorbent and the coloring gets absorbed well to the hair and lasts longer because of this. Another reason why ammonia is used in hair colors is that it enables to clean the hair after coloring a lot more easier.

But regular use of ammonia has its many disadvantages. It can lead to permanent damage to the user’s hair over a long period of time. Once the hair gets damaged, it will never be able to regain its originality. This then results in dry and fragile hair which has lost its natural moisture. Another disadvantage of having ammonia in the hair color is that certain people are allergic to it. Usage of hair color products containing ammonia can lead to itching on the scalp and some users have also complained of breathing problems and burning eyes.  A pregnant lady should always consult her doctor is she wishes to color her hair with a hair color containing ammonia. Let’s not forget the hairdresser. She is in constant touch with the ammonia inclusive products, which most probably will harm her health.

To counter this, manufacturers have started producing ammonia-free hair color. But, they do use certain other alkaline products instead of ammonia in some products. The results of such hair will not be so lively like those of ammonia but its always better to use the ammonia free hair colour products to keep your hair and yourself healthier. Another alternative to ammonia issue of natural oils in the hair which gives good results. So, by using ammonia-free hair color, the hair is softer and smoother after coloring. Certain ammonia-free hair color uses monoethanolamine which is of lesser concentration than ammonia and hence less risky.


It’s always better to educate oneself with the advantages and disadvantages of a product before using it. Alternatives have come to ammonia present hair color. Knowingly, we should not harm ourselves ever.